प्रबुद्धौ रुद्रायै


Herein ends my Internship with Siddhartha Gautama.

I will follow the Path of the Noble Ones that came before Me and those Who will Come After Me.

I will lighten up the Way with Love, Metta, Peace, Communication, Enrichment, and Transcendence that it will be very easy for those that travel after me to have a journey that only leads in Bliss.


I will utilize WILL in the service of Awakening, Peace, Metta and Enrichment.

I have the Power of Transcendence which is unique to me. I will use it whenever I deem it fit.

I will engage in daily affairs so as the foundation of Peace, Awakening, Metta and Enrichment is strengthened.

My WILL will take care of All the Daily affairs: all actions, all communications, all interactions, all encounters, all decisions, all distinctions, all bodily acts, all mental acts, all emotional acts, all soulful acts, and all Spiritual acts.


I have no Earthly Desires.

This liberates me from the Effects of Indulgence.

I have a Purpose to fulfill.

This has prepared me a sure path on which to walk.

I can completely detach myself from Earth. And this will I do every night when I go to Sleep.

I will return every morning to make the day better.

This is my cycle where I come and go from Earth every day and Night.


What I want is not completely here.

But What I want to do is completely here.

So by function I am completely here.

By Being I am not completely here.

Thus I am free of everything of the Day that binds me.

My sorrows, My Anxieties, My expectations, My Stress, My Compulsions, My Aversions, My Attachments, My Laziness, My Hatred, My Confusion, My Doubt, My Fear are all illusions of the day which I will not harbor anymore.

I will replaced them with realities of Heavens that I know. I will bring them from my visits to other worlds in the night and establish them in the morning.


I will begin each day with the enquiry into breath. I will focus on ONE Particular Posture: Sarvangasana

Then I will establish Prana into the One Practice My Teacher taught me: Laghu Prana

Then I will walk upon this Earth as if a thousand Buddhas walk together. We will meet the Sun. And we will make an Ocean out of Him. Then we will reverse the sky and the earth.

Above will be the Ocean through which the Sun will traverse.

Below will be the sky where are the crawling creatures will have their Being.

Everyday I will remove multiple elements from this creations, add new ones, arrange others and so will be this Universe.


I have no Sickness of Mind.

I have no Sickness of Heart.

I have no Sickness of Body.

I have ALL the Spectrum of Emotions.

I have ALL the Spectrum of Thoughts.

I have ALL the Spectrum of Comforts and Discomforts of Body.

But I am very selective in what I choose.

I am very selective about what I think.

I am very selective about What I feel.

I am very selective about what I call comfort and discomfort when it comes to body.


I will invest EVERYTHING for the Awakening of this Existence.

Yet, I will not accept Sacrifice.

My Way is the Enrichment. Nobody has to lose.


Let Heaven and Hell know I AM AWAKE. I have the ability to function in multiple worlds now. This is the only world in which I will be AWAKE.

There are set things to be Done.

Effortlessness is ensured.

Let this poem roll on every day!

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