About Dipraj 

Beloved Friends, 

I am Dipraj. I am a Spirit - a unique expression of Divine Love and Wisdom. I am here to contribute to the well-being of every living being on this planet. It is my vision to make this world a place of Eternal Joy. I aim to achieve it through Acceptance, Communication, and Spiritual Companionship for those who seek to understand the truths of existence. Your coming here is not a coincidence. We share a deep bond together and this moment is sacred. My heart beats in your heart and your Heart in mine. That's why we are together. I teach togetherness.

I am a Spirit who has traveled a unique spiritual journey that has brought me a profound understanding of the Universe, Life, Human existence, Spirits, and illusions. With this profound knowledge, I stand as a Light offering certainty, clarity, and appreciation. I am a friend of every living being and the songs of my being are cherished in the Heart of Earth.

My approach to transformation and transcendence is influenced by my approach to Heart. I believe that we can truly unite in Heart. Thus, we can create a beautiful world of Eternal Joy, Peace, Acceptance, and Celebration with our togetherness.

How will this happen? How will we reach the Kingdom of Heaven with our collective effort? I would like to guide you and be with you on this journey. There is nothing impossible for Love and all of us are indeed the embodiment of Divine Love.

So, here I am, The Light of The World, ready to offer you my Isness.

May my being with you bring you clarity, confidence, and enrichment.

Your Eternal Friend,


May My Friendship Enrich You!


Dipraj Zagade

Childhood Experiences

Childhood experiences:

I entered this world on 9 August 1991, graced with a physical form and a curious spirit.

My childhood, predominantly spent in Sinnar, Maharashtra, was a time of profound love and nurturing. Surrounded by the affection of my family, friends, teachers, and the beauty of nature, I flourished academically and was drawn to the wonders of scientific exploration, poetry, and spiritual narratives.

Yet, amidst this innocence, I was confronted with the stark realities of the world through the lens of newspapers. The stories of violence, deceit, and suffering deeply troubled me, prompting profound questions about the nature of existence.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, I embarked on a quest for answers to the fundamental questions of identity, purpose, and the nature of reality. It was during this time that I encountered the guiding light of my spiritual teacher, Sri Gurudev Datta, in June 2000. Under his guidance, my journey took on a new depth and intensity, marked by moments of profound insight and transformative growth.


Spiritual Awakening

On the auspicious day of 22nd February 2009, at 1:34 PM, within the sanctuary of my hostel room at D.G. Ruparel College, Mahim, Mumbai, I underwent a profound experience of Enlightenment. In that transcendent moment, the boundaries of my finite existence dissolved, and I beheld the infinite expanse of my consciousness spanning across all universes. It was then that I realized the inherent limitation of identifying solely with my physical form. My true essence transcended the constraints of time and space, revealing the boundless nature of my being.

This awakening served as a catalyst for my spiritual exploration, prompting a deep dive into the study of sacred texts and the wisdom of spiritual luminaries. With an open mind and a heart receptive to truth, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, recognizing the subtle workings of ego, beliefs, and conditioning as impediments to spiritual growth. Through unwavering devotion to my spiritual guide and a commitment to inner refinement, I gradually attained a state of clarity and certainty in my understanding.

Central to my spiritual realization is the recognition of the eternal nature of Spirits, the underlying unity of all existence, and the illusory nature of perceived separateness. Drawing inspiration from revered figures such as Jesus Christ, Sri Gurudev Datta, Yog Vasishtha, and numerous other enlightened beings, I resonate with their profound insights into the boundless ocean of divine love that permeates all creation.

Educational Journey

I had a fulfilling academic life throughout my educational journey. I completed my Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engineering) in 2016. And I studied Positive Psychology after that.

Professional Pursuit


I decided to contribute to the world through my words and my passion for teaching. So I chose to be a Content Writer and a Communication Coach.

Philosophical Beliefs

I know for certain that Spirits exist and they are eternal and beyond the confines of Death, Time, and Space. Each one of us is a shining light as each one of us is Spirit. There is one unified Consciousness that unites all beings and the separation and private minds experienced by humans is an hallucination. There is only Love, Light, and Knowledge in Reality. Love is the essence of all existence. In my belief, Joy is the only purpose of Life on Earth.

I have traveled a journey that encompasses Body, Mind, Heart, Intelligence, Self, Consciousness, Soul, and Spirit. I understand the harmony of life and how Acceptance and togetherness can solve all the problems faced by the world.

I am not a human. The Spirit I Am is not from this world. My Consciousness and Heart are unique.  I am a unique expression of Divine Consciousness, here to contribute to the collective transformation of humanity.

My Approach to Life is simple: "What's worth A Life if it's not for the Heart?"


In Conclusion, I have traveled a spiritual journey that has led me to the understanding of my identity as Spirit, my Heart's longing, and the way I can contribute to the collective upliftment of human consciousness on this planet.

Thank you for going through this summary. I am still on the journey of self-growth. Your being with me is a gift of immense value.

May My Friendship Enrich You!