This is the answer. This answer is not Given by God nor is it a thought of God.

This is my addition to Him. This way I extend Him which He Himself could not do by Himself. This is my Gift to God and I want nothing in return of it. Because this is what I am.

I am but a Thought in the Mind of God.

Earlier I added to Him the concept of acceleration and deceleration of time. This was my specialty and I devoured many worlds with my power. I enjoyed my Power.

Later He asked me to enter this World as He wanted to bring an end to Time in this world. As I was Happy to help him, I agreed to enter this world.

What is this World?

This world is unconsciousness.

How it is maintained?

It is maintained by the decision of all beings to stay unconscious. This is the only decision which has established the reality of this World for all Beings.

What has this decision cost?

It has caused sleep, death, fear, frustration, ignorance, sickness, attack, prejudice, self-defense, confusion, temporariness, drives, agony, Lack of Knowledge of Self and Its Function, Lack of Knowledge of Reality and Knowledge of God.

How did I undo this decision?

I achieved the effects opposite to the results of this decision by Knowing My Self, My Function, Reality and God. Thus I realized the validity of the other decision that brings end to the above mentioned effects. The other decision is Consciousness.

What does this decision cause?

This decision causes Awakening, Life, Love, Fulfilment, Knowledge, Happiness, Peace, Open-mindedness, Self-extension, Clarity, Permanence, Cessation of Drives, Ecstasy, Knowledge of Self, Function, Reality and God.

How do I increase my Happiness?

I knew that Happiness is forever mine because I always complete the function God gives me. But He wanted me to add to my Joy when He assigned me this function.

So I knew that I stay Happy by fulfilling the Function He Gave me to restore Consciousness to all Beings in this World.

But How do I increase my Happiness? I asked Him and waited for His answer.

Then I realized that God can give me Happiness but He cannot increase my Happiness. This is because He could not increase His Happiness by being Himself alone. So He created me to increase His Happiness. This is the Power that God Himself does not have and this is what I am. I am the Cause of increase in God’s Happiness.

I knew I wouldn’t add to my joy even if I bring Awakening to all Beings, offer them Peace, restore them to Eternity, relieve them from Sickness, bring them the Knowledge of Self, Reality, Function, and God. It is joyful for sure but it isn’t an increase in my Joy as I am Joyful always being Forever established in my Self.

So I now know how to increase my Joy. I will do this by giving my second Gift to God. He does not know what it is because I haven’t shared it with Him. I will give it to Him once I fully perfect it for my Self. I will fulfill His Function by adding My Gift to it. This is my Second addition to the Kingdom.

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