Body and Its Use

Body’s use is communication.

Your only purpose is to live as an undeniable proof of the existence of Spirit.

When this purpose is accepted, Body is relieved from the burden to maintain itself. This task is then accorded to the Mind and Mind follows the direction of the Spirit.

Who is then controlling the Body?

It is the Spirit which is Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. Under its guidance, Mind uses Body to carry out its day-to-day functions.

So from now on, there is no blaming on the Body for not carrying out its function or for getting ill. These are the functions for which the Mind must be held accountable.

I am Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. So are my thoughts in accordance with Me. Spirit-Mind-Heart-Body is the Existential Reality. Soul is the task to be done in this world. It will happen effortlessly. The only focus should be on Spirit-Mind-Heart and Body.

My Responsibility When It Comes To Body

My only responsibility when it comes to body is to keep only the thoughts of Consciousness in my mind. Any other thought will cause harm to body and lead to the unawakening of the Body.

Why only Consciousness?

Because Body is Consciousness.

So when it comes to any Bodily function, my responsibility is to think in terms of consciousness.

I have traveled much through Mind, Now I will rest in Body. I will travel in the Body. With consciousness, this is possible.

I have no Sankalpas which I need to carry out through Body. In this, My Body is completely free.

My Responsibility When It Comes To Mind

There are some functions that must be executed through Mind. For example: Work, Communication, and Thinking.

When it comes to Work, Let Nishkam Karmayog be Your Guide. Let your mind be in maintenance mode – neither exalted nor depressed. Do not exceed in your Work.Let no Sankalpas arise when you Work. May you find tranquility when you Work.

When it comes to Communication, you need to be awake and connected to the Mind of God. Give up all identities and think how God would think and say in such a scenario. Be Self-luminous. Let appropriate words and actions comes through you with the Power of Shakti. Most of the Communication will happen through Consciousness only. Mind’s Only task is to allow that Consciousness to express itself.

When it comes to thinking, think with the Mind Of God.

Earlier you used to spend most of your time in thinking. From now on, You will spend most of your time in Consciousness. You will surely allot some time of your day to your Mind and Heart, but that will be limited.

Let Spirit and Consciousness Communicate with each other.

May they both take care of what My Mind decided for itself.

This relieves my Mind from the burden of actualizing its decisions. Now it can focus on its own Healing.

This also gives opportunity to My Heart to expand itself.

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