Body For Communication

Body can be used to convey multiple feelings, emotions, conditions, states, decisions, fears, reactions and responses.

We are going to focus only on those responses that we want as time will only be wasted if we keep analyzing what we do not want.

What do we want to express through Body?

The Power of Restraint of Speech

To Power of Speaking what is to be spoken with EXACT Confidence

The Power of Posture

The Power of Relating

The Power of Metta

The Power of Confidence

The Power of Gesture

The Power of Peace

The Power of Agility

The Power of Carrying the Body

The Power of Being Firm

The Power of Listening

The Power of Body Language

In short, we want to express Certainty, Peace, and Meaning through Body.

We will explore these three things in detail in this article.

Note that Body can be inert but it can never stop communicating. As a conscious being, you have control over what it communicates. Choose to utilize this channel of communication for your well-being and you will be all set on your path to Happiness.

1. Certainty

Certainty is very powerful when expressed through Body. Everything in Life is uncertain. We try, we fail, we expect, we are disappointed, we are unsure. In such a scenario a man with certainty seems to possess unmatched confidence, calmness, firmness, strength and maturity.

What things you need to be certain about?

1. Purpose: What do you want to do

2. Means: What are the means to do it

3. Certainty of Means: What is the certainty about the means

4. Processes: What are the processes you will undertake to achieve what you want to do

5. Certainty about the Processes: What is the surety about the Processes

6.Certainty about yourself: Your ability, Skill, Will, discipline, motivation, Health, and Self Management

Once you are certain about these things, you will witness a kind of confidence within you. Such a confidence is empowering. However, at the same time, it is empty.

To have a confidence that is fulfilling, your need to understand Body’s Purpose: Body’s Purpose is Communication.

Once you understand this purpose, you will realize the goal of having confidence is not to show off your prowess to others but to help them understand that there can be a way out of vagueness. By being certain, you convey to others that Clarity is possible.

Clarity is a desirable quality in any type of communication.


Certainty brings clarity. Clarity inspires Meaning. Meaning is the gist of communication.

2. Peace

Can Body express Peace? Certainly it can. Sometimes in life you meet individuals who are extremely calm. Their Peace is comforting, alluring, mysterious and at the same time friendly.

If you have Peace of Mind then Peace through Body is certainly possible.

The reason body is not at Peace because the Mind is not at Peace.

So if you want to deal with Peace, deal with the Peace of Mind.

How to Achieve Peace of Mind

Your Mind is not at peace because it is agitated, confused, fearful, angered, unsure, excited, depressed, and uncontrolled.

Now to take care of these things is a HUGE task but you have to undertake it because if you don’t you won’t have lasting peace.

Sure, you may have a moment of Peace when you meditate, go out in the nature, spend time doing what you love, relax yourself, etc. But can such Peace last longer? This peace is confined to these activities only. You cannot use this Peace in your Entire day. However, such a Peace is necessary as it can refresh your Psyche.

Now we will see how we can achieve Peace through Body.

Peace Through Body

Body has some solid things at its disposal. These include:

  1. Breathing
  2. Postures
  3. Gestures
  4. Exercise
  5. Movement
  6. Drinking
  7. Eating
  8. Sleeping

Let’s see how these things can bring Peace.

1. Breathing

Slow, deep breathing is known to have calming effect. You will notice your Heartbeat will be slower when you breathe deeply. This can take care of your anger if you are angry about something. Breathing brings quick relaxation.

Deep breathing, although quite popular, is not the only breathing technique there is. There is paced breathing where you breathe in steps. There is Shallow Breathing where you take small, frequent breaths. There is Rhythmic breathing where you breathe in rhythm. You can attain my workshop for Peaceful breathing where I teach breathing techniques to bring calmness and joy in everyday life.

2. Postures

How you pose yourself has a profound effect on your mood. Your posture is a quick indicator of your confidence or lack of it. With postures you can make an impression or lose one.

When it comes to peace, certain postures are known to have calming effect. They also bring confidence, enthusiasm and certainty. For example, the well-known posture of keeping you back upright is extremely effective when it comes to projecting Peace and confidence.

3. Gestures

When you are excited about something or agitated by something, you will notice a significant change in the way you use your gestures.

Gestures can be very powerful. They can calm someone down or invite someone for a quarrel. You can make a good use of gestures if you want to express Peace. The first thing you need is to be mindful about your gestures, how they happen, how they are and then you can move on to change them.

4. Exercise

If you don’t exercise, you will become a sloth. That’s as blunt as it can be. You can confuse a lazy body to be a Peaceful one but the difference is very clear when it comes to work.

If you can’t afford to be lazy at Work then you can’t afford to be lazy at Exercise either. There are many documented benefits of exercise. Calmness and Peace are definitely among those.

5. Movement

Movement is an amazing ability of Body. You can easily use it to your advantage. Do you know there are some types of meditations that focus on the movement of Body? Tai Chi and Qi gong are traditional Chinese practices that focus on the movement of Body to achieve Peace.

Movements can be discreet, short, rhythmic, slow or fast. You can definitely integrate peaceful movements in your daily routine to keep yourself peaceful.

6. Drinking

Drinking water is underrated. Do you know that water has an calming effect over body? You may have noticed that when you are giving a presentation and you find yourself nervous at some point, a sip of water can save your presentation.

The act of simply drinking a sip of water can avoid blunders at workplace. Whenever you are about to make a sharp comment or pass a judgment, drink a sip of water, calm yourself down and proceed further.

7. Eating

When you are hungry you can’t be at peace. You shouldn’t pretend to be either. Take care of your hunger. A well-fed belly can provide you peace and relaxation that you can utilize in your work.

You need to be careful about what you eat. Not everything that you can eat will have the same effect on your body. Eat healthy. Eat what suits you. It is your body. You should know what works well with your body.

8. Sleeping

Sleeping is the only activity that gets you ready for work everyday. If you removed sleeping from your life, it will soon be over and will look like hell while it lasts. Sleep brings rejuvenation to the Body. A proper sleep brings peace.

Body needs to recharge itself. Sleep fulfills this demand. Sleeping takes care of physical as well as psychological issues. Forget about your work-life stress, find Peace in your sleep and the next you will be ready for another day with renewed energy.

So these were the 8 ways to find Peace through Body. Now, we will look at the last part of expression through body.

3. Meaning

Can we express meaning through body? Should that be our goal?

We speak because we mean something. We write because we want to convey some meaning. We listen because we want to understand meaning of what the other is trying to say. The goal of our communication is meaning. However, we do not always arrive at meaning.

Sometimes, the signals we send through our body are contradictory. Thus, they fail to inspire meaning. Fear, doubt, and confusion block the expression of meaning through Body. Our movements can be meaningful. Our gestures and postures can be meaningful. Our speech and listening can be meaningful. We can do a lot many things to convey meaning through our body.

Meaning is the goal of Communication and Body is the means of communication. We are sure to succeed in this goal because we are meant to communicate. We just need to understand how to communicate.

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