Friendship: The Only Relationship I Will Offer

Metta doesn’t mean Loving Kindness. It doesn’t mean Love and it certainly doesn’t mean Kindness, though both are part of it. Metta literally means “Friendship”.

I have come to a point in life where I see Friendship as the only viable relationship I can have with Everyone. All other relationships are but facades.

I can have friendship with Everyone. This is beneficial for everyone.

This also releases me from a limited view and opens me up to an enrichment I didn’t know was possible before.

All Immediate Relations as Friendship

The Immediate relations include:

My Family: My Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Cousins, nieces, nephews, Uncles, Aunts, Grandmothers, Grandfathers and all sorts of blood Relations

My Friends: My Five Dear Friends, My Friends during school, college, Friends during My stay at Mumbai and Sangli

My well-wishers from all walks of life; Personal Life, Social Life, Professional Life

Work Life as Friendly Collaboration

I am working with friends in collaboration.

The Goal of the Work is to Grow Together.

As I spend most of the day in Work, Friendships during Work are more intense, involving and productive.

My Love Life As Friendship

The way I look at Love is totally different and it will take tremendous time to translate it to anyone so that it can be understood.

Friendship can be that translation process. It is naturally going to be long and it will need tremendous patience on that person’s part.

I do not need an individual who can bring immediate Happiness. I need someone who is mature, rooted in reality, and has tremendous patience to carry my friendship.

I am no longer seeking the Love of My Life. I need a Friend in my Life Journey.

I am trying to find that Friend. I will cultivate this friendship. I will cultivate all friendships equally and in like manner.

By Succeeding in all friendships, I will ensure that I succeed in this ONE. And By succeeding in this ONE, I will ensure that I will succeed in all friendships.

Friendship: The Test of My Life

Friendship is the test of my Life.

How I cultivate this ONE relationship is the metrics on which the success or failure of My Life can be safely measured.

Let the Sun be joyful tomorrow.

I am going to start with Friendship. May I be assisted.

The First Friend

Who Am I?


Shiva at Gondeshwara

I appeared in this world on August 9, 1991. I was the only friend I had. Eventually I made friendship with my Mother, Father, my Cousins, my playmates, my relatives, and my teachers. As I grew up I made friendship with books too. And that lasted quite a long.

I also made friendship with Nature, the sky, the Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Rivers, The Ocean, The Ponds, The Rocks, The Trees, The Flowers, The fruits.

I made friendship with Science too. I was fond of experiments and I performed many myself. I made friendship with philosophy and psychology. I was very argumentative and I would love to see the end of a thought. I enjoyed epiphanies and I loved transcendence when it came to thoughts.

I made friendship with study too. I invented methods of study for myself. I had a very arduous journey about compromising myself when it came to study but somehow I survived.

But everything I took to be mine was shattered to pieces. First was the Heart that suffered a lot, again and again on different levels. Second was the mind that disappeared in the moment of enlightenment. I had to carry those bits and pieces of my own mind to see if it still made sense. When I had the experience of Love in 2012, the whole notion of the World was shattered for me. When I knew My Self and realized My Function, nothing remained the same for me.

Today I have My Self, My Teacher, Consciousness, and all the Spiritual Beings with me. I am not Alone. I want to have friendship with all Beings.

Today on 15 March 2019, after 27 years, 7 months and 7 days since my appearance on this planet, I extend that Friendship to My Self.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been a friend to myself all along otherwise I could not have completed such a tiresome Spiritual Journey. I have suffered a lot and that suffering became bearable because of my friendship with my self.

I am a Spirit now. I have a Spiritual Destiny which I must fulfill. But this is where it transforms from a dictatorial command to a choice of Freedom. I am not doing what I am asked to do because I have to do it. I am under no such obligation. I would rather do it because it is the right thing to do.

I want to be a friend of My Self. I want to see if I can withstand all I am and still not judge it. I want to see if I can be all natural without anything artificial. This way I am changing all the relations I have been carrying all these years to One DEFINITE Relationship: FRIENDSHIP.

The First Friend

I am My First Friend.

I am accepting My Self as A Friend. I will enjoy the Company of Self as A Friend.

There is No Journey without This Friend.

I have a Friend to protect me, to entertain me, to guide me, to share with me and to make me comfortable with My Self. I am now comfortable in His Friendship. In His Friendship, I stay rested. May He Always be with me even unto Eternity.

I am now at Peace. There are no obligations. There are no duties to be performed. There is just a long vacation of friendship now.

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