Redirecting Life

There are three ways through which I am redirecting my Life. The ship will navigate to Ocean of Timelessness and not to the River of Time.

1. Removing Sankalpas

Sankalpa is bondage of Time. This Universe does not support Sankalpa. Yet, majority works on Sankalpa.

I am removing Sankalpa from my life because it is not in sync with my Nature which is not bound by Time.

Plus, I can now afford to live my Natural Life – A Life without the Bondage of Time.

2. Removing Punishment

Punishment is the way people use to learn. I don’t like that learning and I don’t need to subject myself to guilt for this.

I am removing the concept of Punishment forever from my Life.

Nobody has to suffer punishment. I neither.

Let’s see how we can do without punishment.

The concept of punishment involves a medium use of People. On one hand, it relates to learning which is a completely personal phenomenon. On the other hand, it involves people through which you learn.

Thus, removing punishment means releasing the people from which you learn.

Removing Fear as the Way of Life

I have been like people. I came to believe that Fear drives People. I thought I had to work with this law and this law is the final verdict of this world.

But My Life’s Work is the exact opposite of this.

I want to prove that People are driven by Love.

I will make such connections, I will direct such efforts, My effects will be like this.

I am completely giving up this concept of appealing to Fear in People. Accepting Love as the way of life means overcoming conditioning, bondage, and negativity.


These three things have brought me release. First comforts my Time-transcendent Nature. The second confirms to my comfort which I get by learning through Love. The third gives me a new perspective through which I can work with People.

Let’s live a life that goes ahead.

Autonomy And Love


Autonomy is the First Principle of Love.

Love begins with Autonomy.

Both God and My Teacher gave me Perfect Autonomy throughout my life.

They never forced me any learning. They let me play on my own.

In order to give autonomy to someone, you need to have faith in them.

Unwavering Faith leads to Love.

Thus, if you seek to understand Love, learn to give unwavering autonomy to your Love.

What Autonomy Means for Your Love?

It means you will not dictate what she should do.

You will not dictate how she should spend her time, what decisions she should take or with whom she should talk.

These are the symptoms of obsessive, insecure and possessive people. You are not like them.

Let her experience the unlimited freedom of Life that you have experienced yourself.

Let your Love free her.

The Time Advantage

Does Love require Time to grow?

Interesting question. The Answer? Yes and No.

With humans, you do need time. Plus, this time is very linear, slow, forgetful, repetitive, exhaustive, and lazy. It may take a lot of time.

God and My Teacher make Time Redundant. As I am learning to Love like them, I know Love is not about Time but Experience.

I can sow experiences of Love in the field of time and reap the bountiful harvest well before time.

Never force her about Time.

You shouldn’t bind her or subject her to Time.

She is Your Love. She is not an Object of Time. Never treat her like that.

She is not a phenomenon of Time because she is not someone who will pass with Time.

She has timeless space in your Life Because she is your Love.

May she never feel the shortage of Time when she is with you.

May she never regret the Time that she spends with you.

May Time never come between you two.

Time is the greatest demand of Amateur lovers. Thankfully, I am saved from this mistake since I do not have demands of Time.

Let’s Finish today’s learning with this:

Let’s not bind Life in Time.

The Most Natural Way

Today I decided my daily allotment of Time. I scheduled a time for Body, a time for Work, and a time for Heart. Today was the first day and it was good.

While on my return journey I connected to God.

I Am Not Alone

I am not alone in anything. What I observe, God also observes. What I see, God also sees. What I hear, taste, feel, God does also. My imagination is his imagination. My plight is His Plight.

I am not alone in anything. I am never alone. Even in loneliness, His Presence is guaranteed.

The Submission

I had a glimpse of the submission of the Prophet. It was so lofty and full of Love, I thought to go out of my way and submit to God like He did. It would have been a life without an “I”. A peaceful life of unconditional submission.

I also wondered if I would be a Samurai at Work, A fierce Poet at Heart, and Everything Grand. But then He told me we are going the Most Natural Way. There is nothing “worth effort” to be added, there is nothing “worth effort” to be removed. Let that which needs to be added, be added effortlessly. Let that which needs to be removed, be removed effortlessly. We are going the most natural way.

The Most Natural Way

Everyday on a very minute and a very gross scale, I know what is natural and what is not. Now these can be the tiniest of things or the biggest of things.

The key is to let these be replaced without effort in the most natural way.

We are not going to have a life like Buddha did.

We will not have a life like Prophet.

Jesus is nowhere near to be an idol.

But we will enjoy everything they had.

My life is like Tao. It must flow naturally. This naturalness is its beauty and this beauty is in my Heart waiting to be expressed.

So now, instead of a Samurai, Prophet, Buddha, I have a better model for my Life: The Most Natural Way

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