Ease Out Day 3 The Opening of Heart Chakra

Today was quite a hostile day. But no attack came from me. This is the Miracle I witnessed and the one that made my day.

The Spoken Word That Cannot Hurt

I had unusually bitter interaction with the Rickshawwala. He left me halfway and did not took me to my destination. We had a verbal argument but instead of reacting to him, I became aware and replied him without inducing further attack.

Our goal with the spoken word is that it becomes a soothing word. Soothing word does not mean that your goal is to please others. That is not soothing. That is manipulation. Today, we learnt that others’ words cannot harm us.

People speak but they do not fully mean what they speak. They also have no idea what they are thinking when they speak. Thus they lack both thinking and meaning. Thus, their spoken word cannot hurt you.

Opening Up of the Heart Chakra

Today God Gifted me Heart Chakra. He gave me the ability to bear hostility. To withstand arguments and prejudices and words.

How is My Heart Chakra?

It is round like Sun and it is placed on my Bosom. It radiates kindness, understanding and Love.

Today, I found a place to establish Shiva in my Body. This is the song with which I felt Shiva in my Heart. It was like rivers of milk being poured on the Shiva in My Heart.

Thank you God for this wonderful ability.

What does he mean?

Just as you ask everything “What are you?” ask Your Self “What does he mean?” when your Brother says something to you. When you ask this question in your Heart, you can be sure that your brother does not really say what he means. He wants to say something else. The question “what does he mean” will take you a step further into understanding what He really wants.

We have finished the deadline for Vision as we had decided in this article.

May I begin with the Body today.

The Miracle of Loving Kindness

My Mind is empty now. I have placed thoughts in the Heart now. I can now place Loving Kindness in My Mind.

There is no prejudice, hatred, attachment to anyone. Mind isn’t personal anymore. This is the right time to plant the sapling of Loving Kindness in it.

Loving Kindness

Cultivate an all-embracing mind of love
For all throughout the universe,
In all its height, depth and breadth — 
Love that is untroubled
And beyond hatred or enmity.

As you stand, walk, sit or lie,
So long as you are awake,
Pursue this awareness with your might:
It is deemed the Divine State here.

Buddha on Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness was my inheritance because I have a loving Heart. It was only my Mind that was at war as it was vigilant for Truth. Now that it has seen the end of all Philosophy, it can afford the Loving Kindness to be placed by it.

May I bless Every One who comes in contact with me.

May the vastness of Mind take care of all troubles, anxieties, and prejudices of anyone.

May people open up to me, share their sorrow, grief, and depression with me and feel relieved as they share their burden with me.

May Everybody experience the Peace of Mind I have.

May Every One who is with me Experience Nirvana.

A hymn on Loving Kindness by Dipraj, 1st April 2019, 7.45 am.

The Cultivation

As you sow so shall you reap. I sow for Eternity. I have an infinite Mind. I no longer need to limit it to my Soul. I can cultivate Loving Kindness for My Spirit.

This is a worthy pursuit since this is the only thing on this planet that can accompany me in other worlds as I lay down my Body in this World.

May I be benevolent to every living and non-living creature. May no one feel attacked by me. May I be gentle to everyone. May I be Self-effulgent. May the Peace of My Mind be contagious. May I be patient with everyone.

Dipraj on cultivation of Loving Kindness


There is no deadline to this project nor there is a limit on the progress made. I will transcend every level of Loving Kindness ever conceived by any enlightened Being until now. This Project is very dear to my Spirit.

Blessing of Prakriti

I was traveling by bus and she spoke to me:

There is no one nor there is anything that will come to you with their past. Everyone and everything will interact through present.

She explained to me: Everything is created, maintained, and destroyed by Prakriti in the Present. Therefore, there is nothing without this influence. Though a man may think OF the Past, he has to do so IN the Present. Thus, there is no one without the influence of the Present.

This opens up a vast field of Consciousness to me. I don’t need to concern myself about how one maintains his Past. I only have to communicate to His Present.

This is true with all the things also. There is no thing that can interact with me through its Past. Everything has to interact with me through Present only.

Once I realize that this Communication in The Present is Two-Way, I can rely on this form of communication more and more. What is needed? My Awakening and My Willingness to Allow Prakriti Her Presence.

Thank You Prakriti for this beautiful Present. May I be able to return this Kindness someday.

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