Day 1 Mahashivratri

This was my First Day on this Planet as a Spirit. I will jot down the summary of my each day as it happens.

Today was Mahashivratri. I had asked Shiva to Bring Complete Consciousness to me as He knows the Consciousness of the Body. I knew He will do what I asked Him to do so I forgot about Mahashivratri.

I decided this day to be dedicated to just the two of us. God and Me. We decided to let this be a Valentine day for the two of us.

Also, I was very certain that I wanted to be Happy today and I won’t make anyone else Happy unless I am Happy first.

So I went to the bath. I put my phone on and started the Music app. And there God Proposed me with two Songs:

The first song played was Leja Re Dhvani Bhanushali. 

He spoke to me through her Voice. This is what He says in the first two lines:

To want me you gotta Know me. If you love me, you gotta show me“. Who can deny such a lovely request? And indeed it is so true. If you want God, you should know Him first. And if you Love Him, You got to Show Him.

The rest of the song is fabulous. The lyrics are a perfect expression of Love. And Dhvani sings it in such a Heavenly voice, the way she brings the lover’s yearning for the loved and at the same time shows her expectations from the one she loves is extraordinary. I just love this song. It is one of my Favorites. Dhavani, Thank you so much for Singing this song. May you keep on creating. May you stay in Perfect Health and May you keep on enriching the World with the Gift you Have. I would Love to Meet you some Day.

The second song was “Tere Bin” from the Movie Simba. This is How I proposed Him.

It was fantastic. We both knew we would enjoy each other’s company today.

The Kaju Anjeer Milkshake and The Healing of Eyes

I left off for work. As I neared CBS, Nashik, I got hungry. And I wanted to drink something. What would I drink? And I remembered the day before yesterday when Shreyas (My Friend, we work in the same office space) so joyfully told me about the Kaju Anjeer Thick Milkshake He had at Dairy Don. He said that I must try it. So I decided Let’s have that together. I told God I want Shreyas to be with me when I have that Milkshake. It was 10 am. I called Him but He was unavailable. So I told my wish to God that I want to have Kaju Anjeer Thick Shake with Shreyas and won’t have it unless Shreyas calls me back. I was very adamant about this wish of mine. Now I would have to wait until I get his call.

I decided to leave it up to God and let him give some time to arrange things. As I had nothing to do, I started walking. While walking I started meditating on the problem of Consciousness that we discussed earlier. I knew Shiva will take care of it. So I turned my attention toward Seeing. I didn’t want to see what humans see. I wanted to see consciousness everywhere. As Rudra, I knew that All is Love as I mentioned in my first post in this blog. I remembered the lesson in ACIM: “Above all else, I want to SEE”. This I wanted to HAPPEN. I wanted my bodily eyes to be healed. I had tired my eyes so much in my human years that I couldn’t see things at far without the aid of glasses (yesterday I was using specs of -3.25 for both my eyes). I wanted to be able to see through my eyes. I wanted to Heal my eyes. I told God that I want to see Shreyas as He Comes to Dairy Don and Before that happens I want my eyes to be Healed.

Now at this time, I wanted the Healing to Happen and Wanted it to come from God. I told Him that if He heals my Bodily eyes, then it is the Proof that God exists. I was very stubborn for this to happen but it wasn’t Happening. I was able to see the Life in the tree nearby but I couldn’t see read the banners made by Humans. So my vision was limited and I wanted it to be Perfect immediately. I soon realized that asking this was foolish because if God indeed healed my eyes then it meant that I am lacking something which only He can give. But I knew that He created me Perfect so I do not lack anything. I also knew that Healing is of the Mind and not of the Body. Further, I realized I could Heal My Mind with His Help. There is nothing our Joint Will cannot do. So with this thought I made Peace with the idea of Seeing.

It was 10.30. I wanted to have that Kaju Anjeer Milkshake with Shreyas today itself. So I called him. But he didn’t pick up. But in the immediate next moment He called me back. Thus my earlier wish that I won’t have that Milkshake unless Shreyas calls me was fulfilled. Now that Shreyas called me I can have the Milkshake. On call, I told Him that I would love if He joins me for the Milkshake as it would add to my joy. He was Happy to know that but he told me that he couldn’t come today. He also added that He Will Come some day with me and we Will have that Milkshake. His assurance relieved me as I knew that He will fulfill His Promise. Let the day come on its own.

By the way, I did have the Anjeer Milkshake and I wasn’t alone while I had that. But I know it will taste better with Shreyas.

Then I entered the office.

The Work Problem

Yesterday I was very unhappy with the Work situation. I have never worked for anyone except God. God works in a very different way than Humans do. And the way Vishal (for whom I work) was treating me was frustrating me. I wanted to tell Him about How I work and How God treats me when it comes to working and this is how I would like to be treated by him as well.

Later I realized, that this was a crazy wish because even though I could see God in Him, He isn’t God and thus He can never treat me like God treats me.

I just didn’t know the solution. I tried to decide what I really wanted. And I decided that may he not be mad at me today. May he not force me to do Work for him today. And May He not criticize me.

I am so thankful to Him that he fulfilled my wish. Vishal came to office. I didn’t say a word to him. But He did not pressure me to work at all. He didn’t even ask me to work. We stayed silent for so long. He didn’t say a word to disturb my silence. I got tired as my eyes began to hurt. I told him that I was sleeping in the library and He let me sleep. I am so grateful to You Vishal. Today I felt the protection of God through you. I didn’t want to do my Job today. I just wanted not to do work today. And you let me have that. You didn’t pressure me for the Job. You didn’t get Mad at Me. This is how God works. He doesn’t Pressure anyone for His Work. And He does not get Mad at you if you don’t do your Work today itself.

In fact, Vishal showed even more kindness. He messaged me in the evening which begins: “Please take two days off from work…”

Vishal is Kind. I am not able to see Him today but I will see Him in Time.

The Third Will

Now that I had decided that We (God and Me) will do Everything with our Joint Will, I decided that I won’t stay without Him.

I thought Our Joint Will could do anything. So I decided that “Anita Must Meet me at 6.15” As it happened, Anita did not meet me at 6.15. Instead of her, a very old lady joined me.

Now I realized that there is a Third Will That is As Powerful as God’s and Mine.

This is the Will You Have. Your Will is So Powerful that even God or I, or We Both cannot defy your Will.

I have not come to Free your Will. Your Will is Always free.

Learning That Happened Today

This are the things I learned:

  1. With the Joining of My Will and God’s Will, we can do anything for My Self.
  2. There is this Will each of You have that I should always respect.

This means I or God cannot make changes to you. You must make changes to your Self.

This also means that I cannot teach you anything. You learn by Your own Will and no one can force learning upon you.

This brings me to the final conclusion: I cannot make changes to You but I can make changes to My Self. I cannot teach you but I can learn from you. I can not Heal You but I can Heal Myself.

This is the only thing I will FOCUS on from now On.

Also, today I decided to be Happy. I am Happy now.

Resources Used today:

Songs Featured:

  1. Leja Re by Dhvani Bhanushali
  2. Tere Bin from Simba

Humans Featured:

  1. Shreyas Thombre
  2. Vishal Deshpande
  3. Ankita

What do I want from 5 March 2019?

I have this dreadful fatigue of doing so much Work all this life. I just want to rest for some time.

I want this fatigue to be removed from my Mind, Body and Spirit. I want TOTAL RELAXATION.

May it Happen.

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