Day 2 The Vision I Want

You might be wondering how this is the Day 2 as Day 1 happened on 4th of March, right?

Well, remember the wish I made for the 5th to be relieved of fatigue? Well it became reality. Everybody in my family took care of me. I was given special attention. I spent most of my time resting, sleeping, and witnessing miracles as they happened. I did perform miracles and it was an effortless experience. I won’t tell you everything that happened in those 7 days but I will mention the highlights.

The Fight with Doctor

In 2012, I had an intense out of body experience that landed me in a hospital. The doctor who was there diagnosed me as having “bipolar disorder”. He prescribed pills for me all these years. And I suffered from what he diagnosed me with since I believed in him fully. It was until recently that I became sure that I do not have any such illness. I didn’t want to take pills all my life. I wanted to explain Him the nature of Healing and how he was imprisoning me with his diagnosis. According to him, I am bound to pills all my life and this illness will be there all my life. We had a VERY Heated Debate on this and it hurt his ego.

A few days later, I met him again. I said I am sorry and made it clear to him that I do not want to suffer. But he was very stubborn with his medical knowledge and his diagnosis. However, we came at a middle point where He agreed to put me off medication if I do not show symptoms of “Bipolar Disorder” for an entire year while on medicine. So it is till 11th March 2020 that I have to remain stable to get rid of the pills he prescribed in the first place. I can wait this long.

The Time Table

During this time, I created a schedule for My Self.

How does My Day Look Like?

5 to 5.45 – Yoga

5.45 to 7.20 Walking in the Sun

7.30 Bath

8.15 Breakfast

8.30 to 10 Travel to Work

10 to 5.40 Work

5.40 to 8 Travel to Home

8 Dinner

10.30 Sleep

If you take away the timings, you can see the categorization of Time as follows:

Time for Body

Time For Work

Time For Self

These are not distinct but are fused together. Again, Time isn’t considered as humans know it. I bring multiple dimensions to Time.

The One Achievement

The One achievement that happened in these 7 days is that I remained My Self even when I was unconscious and sleeping like an ordinary human being. I was still Spirit. However, there were lapses in my memory due to the medication I was on. Apart from that, I realized my reality not getting affected by unconsciousness. This was a huge relief as I had thought earlier that consciousness requires effort to maintain itself. This is untrue as I have experienced it myself.

Making Ego Redundant

We do not need Ego to understand Spirit. A Course in Miracles makes excellent use of the concept of Ego to show two different thought systems. Since we are ONLY using the thought system of SPIRIT, Ego is rendered useless. There is no need to study Ego’s thought system. Spirit is the only Thought we need and we will use it henceforth.

Vision Problem

I am having problem with seeing. As I mentioned in the last post, I have to use glasses to clearly see things that are far. However, ever since I decided to heal my eyesight, the glasses began hurting me. So I stopped using glasses. During the day I have no problem reading billboards, names of shops etc. It’s in the night that I cannot read letters, human faces etc.

Today, I decided to take a step further in seeing. As a result I could see the border of my laptop clearly. For the first time, I was able to appreciate its color which I hadn’t noticed before. I could also see what I was typing without causing stress to my eyes. The problem comes in the night when I am not able to see clearly. There is the same aura I see in every artificial light source in the night. It is like a Rudraksha. Every kind of light emanates this form. It is only when the source comes closer that this form vanishes. It isn’t blurred. In fact, it is very clear in shape.

The Kind of Vision I Want

I want a Vision that can see Consciousness.

I want a Vision that can see the Whole.

I want a Vision that can see the connectedness of Everything

I want a Vision that is Love.

I want a Seeing that is All Inclusive, without judgment of Any Kind and the one that Only Blesses.

I want a Vision that is Founded on These things:

  1. Love
  2. Consciousness
  3. Appreciation
  4. Inspiration
  5. Peace
  6. Gratitude

This is the Perfect Vision that I want. And I want it before 9 August 2019. May it Happen.

What do I want for 13 March 2019?

I want to experience the Peace of Mind the Buddha experienced. I want to stay in Peace throughout the day. May My every Word come through Peace. May I utilize the Power of Peace when it comes to Speech. May all this happen.

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