Discontinuing The First 28 Years of My Life

On 8 August 2019, I will have completed the first 28 years of my life on this planet. I would no longer be continuing these years.

I will begin a fresh set of 28 years that will mark the two-third of my journey on this planet. This will be a remarkably different journey than the first one. I am getting ready for that journey.

This is, therefore, the official announcement of Discontinuing the First 28 years of My Life.

Highlights of First 28 Years

  • Connection with the Teacher
  • The Moment of Self Realization
  • Study of Ego, Separation, Personality, Psychology, Philosophy, Self-development, Spirituality, Consciousness, Non-duality
  • Revelation of Love and My True Identity
  • Becoming a Writer
  • Experience of Nirvana Parama
  • Meeting with Life and the promise of 5 Literary Works to Life
  • Learning from the Teacher about the Consciousness of the Body and its connection to the Universe
  • Understanding of Avadhut Gita
  • Becoming a Jivanmukta
  • Knowing the Purpose of My Earthly Life
  • Regaining My Powers of Transcendence, Manipulation of Time and Space, Ability to communicate with My Creator and My Teacher
  • Meeting the Love of My Life
  • Knowing the First 11 Co-travelers

What I want to Discontinue?

  • The Philosophy of Self-development
  • The Belief, Practice, and Fear of Separation
  • The Compartmentalization of Life
  • The Intense Psychological suffering born of fragmentation
  • The Forgetting
  • The Confusion about what to do
  • The notion of Unconsciousness
  • The Use of Projection for Fantasizing
  • The Loneliness

What I want to Continue?

  • The Childlike Innocence
  • The Creativity
  • The Sincerity

The Roles That Will be No More

Who was I in all these years?

1. A Child

2. A Student

3. An Adolescent

4. A Lover

The Roles I Will Play in the Next 28 Years

1. Teacher

2. Writer

3. Cook

4. Entrepreneur

5. Businessman

6. Friend

Notes on Discontinuation

With the discontinuation of the First 28 years, much of the emotional and psychological suffering is discontinued.

Most of the memories will no longer be remembered. The Connections with People will continue.

Many skills become redundant now. Many abilities will no longer be used.

Likings and dislikings will change.

The End of First 28 Years is abrupt and certain but it will not affect the people around me.

Notes on Rolling Out the Next 28 Years

I will no longer be a Person who struggles to achieve his goals.

The Next 28 years will see me more connected to People. I will have a very active and influential social life. The intensity and focus on Personal life that was there in the First 28 years will be replaced by the Focus on community life.

I will be more earthed, deeply rooted in reality yet creatively guiding to a certain future.

I will be idealistic, Peaceful, certain, and deep individual.

When the next 28 years will end, I will turn 56. By this time my youth will be gone. The Prime years of my Life will be over. This in no way means that I will become inactive. All my projects will have gained some success by now.

I do not envision anything for my next 28 years. I can direct time in much better way now and I would love to keep that freedom in time for myself.

End Note

Today, it is 28 May 2019. There are 73 days left for discontinuation. During this time, I will figure out how to implement this discontinuation. This is a project that is certain in its timeframe and outcome.

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