Ease Out Day 1 Soul, Body and The Spoken Word

Days from 3 April to 19 April are ease out days.

Spoken Word Reinterpreted

Why do we speak?

  • To communicate
  • To share
  • To know
  • To ask
  • To invite
  • To negotiate
  • To Let go
  • To pass the time
  • For no reason

Each one, when taken separately, appears to be impossible without speaking. But taken as a whole, Speaking is redundant to achieve these purposes.

What I truly want to communicate, he will not understand by words. For He is deaf. He needs powerful words to wake him up. Your words can have that power if you don’t waste it on meager offerings.

Don’t Waste Spoken Word For Sharing

There is nothing you want to share that can be appreciated by Him. He lives in completely different world and His understanding of your world is not as complete as yours. Therefore, you will only waste your Spoken words if you use them for sharing. And you will immediately see its shallow result.

Sharing means anything that you want to share. It can be a story, an observation, a happening, a piece of advice, a memory, a dream, a joke, a movie, a song, a play, a poem, etc. What you want to share is irrelevant. No one has the mental, emotional, and philosophical preparedness to understand what you want to share. And why share that is not of you? Why do you need to please others? In pleasing others, you are losing your Self.

Let sharing happen through Written word alone. And let that written word be hosted here.

May I master this lesson before 19 April 2019.

The Soul Framework

This is synonymous to The Sole Framework. For this framework solely concerns with the Soul.

I used to think that other beings impact your soul. They cannot. Rather, you should not allow them to.

You know your soul clear and perfect. Why make it dependent on other Spirits?

Every Spirit is on the journey of its own. It cannot give you what you expect of it. Let’s remove all expectations from other Spirits that concern with your soul.

Just as you have power over time to place your goals, You have the power to progress with your soul. Soul is an active engagement. Consider this as an Earthly Gift of Free Will.

Soul is the Earthly Gift of Free Will.


I will realize my Soul. I will direct My Self in its direction. I have got PURPOSE NOW.

This is the Framework of Purpose. There will be other frameworks as well that will be used for their specific purposes. May you utilize the Framework of Purpose (The Soul Framework) wisely with Time.

The Body River Meditation

Consider the veins in your Body to be Rivers. But instead of separate rivers, they are Four Major Rivers.

These four rivers flow through each of your limbs.

They flow throughout your Body.

See them flowing through your limbs.

Your hands and Feet are carrying the current of Water now.

May you rest in the coolness this consideration brings.

May there be the rage of the current flowing through your limbs.

May these Rivers cleanse your Body.

The First river flows at the upper surface, the next flows at the bottom surface.

The Third flows to the right and the fourth to the left.

This way, they cover every surface of your limbs.

Water is Clear. May your Body be as transparent as it is.

Water is soothing. May your Body soothe Everyone and Everything.

Water is flexible. May your Body be Flexible.

May All the Rivers find Home in My Body!

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