Ease Out Day 2, Work, Relaxation, and Absolute Spoken Word

Actually today was a mixture of miracles and how they appeared in response to thought. The Work issue got highlighted because it was followed with discomfort, debate and took some passionate writing. Later in the day, I met Anita once again (this was a miracle for her too). At the end of the day, I had a lengthy (about one hour) dialogue about Work-life and studying. Seems easy day out? Naah. But the miracles did the easing part.

In my dream during my sleep, I saw the bus conductor whom I met 3 months ago. We had a heated debate over the service pass and it was quite memorable for both of us. I just thought this was a random dream.

In the morning, I had two buses to choose from. One of them wasn’t for my destination so choosing became redundant. I got a last seat in the other bus. I was listening to music when the conductor stopped by. Guess what, he was the same conductor who appeared in my dream. I said hello to him but he barely recognized me and moved on to other passengers. I wondered at the miracle but I also felt that he should have spoken to me.

Next was the miracle of Rickshawwala. I alighted from the rickshaw and decided not say unnecessary things anymore, including the “Good Day” I wish to each Rickshawwala. And in the immediately next moment that I had this thought, another Rickshawwala appeared in front of me. He shook my hand, greeted me with a Good day and lovingly asked where I work. He was so happy to see me. As I left him, I started wondering how miracles happen.

In the afternoon, I got a call from Priyanka. She was considerably hostile. But the conversation ended well as she wanted to know how I spent these ease out days and I suggested her to try Chicken Biryani which she loved much.

In next hour, I completed my article. We had lunch. After that, the work thing began to heat up. I waited for Vishal. Things got heated. He accused me of doing too much timepass. I complained I am not appreciated. I left him with a detailed note about the work situation.

My dilemma is to see if things work out on their own or should I take an ultimatum?

Let’s see how things work out tomorrow. This is an ease out day after all.

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