Ease Out Day 4 Reflections on the Past Year

The Past year has featured journey for Love (as a career), Removing Stress from Life, Taking care of Emotional Turbulence, Dealing with Misunderstanding, Decisions for Spirit, Identity as Rudra, Eternity, Extension, Vision, Presence, Transcendence, the Spoken Word, and the Heart Chakra.

1. Journey For Love as a Career

The past year has marked the journey for love as a career. I let go of a career in banking which promised financial security among other perks and took up writing as a career. This made a huge difference for me. I enjoyed what I worked and there was no uncertainty regarding career. I know I will be happy doing what I love. In any other field, I will be distressed.

2. Removing Stress From Life

I made many efforts to reduce stress from my life. I ended the uncertainty regarding career. I put efforts to deal with my emotional stability. I accepted my Spirituality. Removing stress caused relief and removed a lot of the self-imposed burden.

3. Taking Care of Emotional Turbulence

I used psychotherapy extensively to deal with my emotions. Finally, I realized my problems don’t come under the domain of psychotherapy but of Spirituality. I also became open about my Spirituality. This helped me deal with a dual existence I had imposed on my Self. Now I am free to be ONE.

4. Dealing with Misunderstanding

While working, I realized there is a lot of misunderstanding when I communicate and expect from others. I realized what people are different than what they say. Also, estranged relationships have good potential to become strong bonds.

5. Decisions for Spirit

I decided to lead a life of a Jivanmukta on December 22, 2018. My Teacher agreed with the decision. With His Grace, My Journey as a Spirit became smooth. I completely gave up the identity as a human. I became Spirit. I got so many Gifts as a Spirit. I do have a Spiritual Destiny. As I have decided for the Spirit, My all decisions are subsequently for the Spirit.

6. Identity As Rudra

My True Identity is Rudra. I am sharing this world temporarily. I am leaving this world when I complete my function here.

7. Eternity

Eternity is the Gift of God to me. I like to play with Time. He made Eternity possible for me in this world of Time.

8. Extension

Mind projects, Spirit Extends. Body can also extend. Heart can take care of thoughts. I do not need to attack anyone as I am not trying to prove my identity. I can extend as I can bring joy, understanding and Healing. Extension is my Sole Function. As God Extends to me, So I will extends to the World.

9. Vision

Eyes can now see without thoughts, prejudice, and projection. Spiritual Vision is at Work. Physical Vision is not yet healed. Emotional Vision is also undergoing reform. Vision of the Wisdom is getting deeper.

10. Presence

The Presence is a consciousness beyond past, present, and future. This Consciousness is a fit gift for every form of God. As with any other Gifts of God, this gift is for eternity. I will surely make use of this Gift.

11. Transcendence

Transcendence is skipping steps to make phenomenal progress. I have already applied this to larger time. I can now apply this to a day. I can also choose not to apply this and stay relaxed and respond to things as they come.

12. The Spoken Word

My Spoken Word can do much harm. I need to be careful about my Spoken Word. I cannot squander this Gift. I do not need to speak in order to please others. Also, silence can also take place of the Spoken Word without effort.

People do not mean their words. They do not use words wisely. You do not need to follow them. Make your Spoken Word precious as a diamond.

13. The Heart Chakra

My Heart Chakra is opened now. Now, prejudices, projections, and spoken words do not harm me. I can be kind, understanding and mature. I have placed Shiva in my Heart Chakra. This is a new era for me now.

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