Ease Out Day 5, The Spoken Word

There is nothing as destructive as the Spoken Word. If left unmoderated, the Spoken Word can induce anger, guilt, depression, offence, attack and hurt the sentiments of those who hear it.

The Spoken Word Intent

Intent precedes the Spoken Word. The harm part comes because of unmoderated intent. In your case, there are two intents that do harm.

1. Reaction

Reaction is the major cause of harm. You need not spend your Spoken Word as a reaction to what the other says. This is not needed. In most cases, people do not know what they are trying to say. To go for a deeper understanding requires letting go of reaction.

Today, I witnessed how simple words from me could induce a full-fledged quarrel with a stranger. Thankfully, I did not say those words and a great fight was avoided. Your spoken word when left to reaction can easily hurt someone’s ego.

The Spoken Word should not be used to please others but it should not come as a reaction too.

2. Spontaneity

When you are spontaneous, you speak too many things and your experiences which are diverse. People tend to be confused as they don’t have such experiences. But they don’t have a choice other than to listen to you. Plus, they are not able to reciprocate to you. This frustrates you.

Spontaneity may seem natural but it is not mature. Your spoken word should not be shallow. It should be deep. Thus, it should be well-considered. For this to happen, you will have to use silence, body language, facial expressions, smile, and action to convey meaning. Spoken word should be “Soothing”.

The Only Intent

Peace is the only intent. For this, we will not only use the Spoken Word but also the combintation of gestures, actions, smile, facial expressions, silence, pause, and body language to convey meaning.

Let the intent come from the Heart Chakra.

You should become mature with Body language.

The goal to become mature with Body Language as an expression of Spirit is 18 May 2019 (Buddha Paurnima). Body Language should not be of a spontaneous man but that of a deeply philosophical and contemplative, peaceful being.

The Vision Update

I now clearly see and identify individuals at 3 feet distance. Now, At 4-6 feet, I can see their faces but their eyes are obscured to me. There is an improvement in the near vision as I don’t need to strain myself while using laptop and text it displays.

The Way Ahead

Today was a fairly relaxing day. I hadn’t willed anything nor did I ask for any miracle. My expectations are becoming minimal as I am witnessing that so much is happening without my expectation. Still, these are these things to look forward to:


Peace as an expression of removal of fear, confusion and doubt. I want to remove these three things from my life: fear, confusion, and doubt.

I sometimes ask for miracles because I am fearful or confused or doubtful about something. Miracles do take place. I want to witness the Miracle of not having these things in my life.

At least, in my local life, I can remove these three things from My Life and Bring Peace to My Local Life (which consists of Nashik and Sinnar).

I want to be established in this Miracle by 18 May 2019.


He gifted me the gift of Presence. I don’t currently have the Body and Mind that can support this. It requires Grace, understanding, Maturity, Kindness, and compassion. May I make space in My Being for This.


I have made the following observation about sleep:

1. Unawakened Sleep:

If I sleep like unawakened people, I sleep like the dead. It takes a lot of time for my sleep to rejuvenate me. Plus, I don’t feel great. Instead, I wake up because I have to get on with the day.

2. Thoughts

Thoughts are the reason of the disturbance of Sleep. In an ideal sleep, there should be no thoughts. Thoughts should be replaced by breath awareness. There should be no thougthts of Projection, future projects, desires, today’s events, tomorrow’s event, expectations or anget.

Best way is to meditate on breath before going to sleep, be clear about what to expect from sleep, and then sleep while observing breath and each organ. Wake up when this awareness brings full rejuvenation.

Sleep should not be place of thoughts, dreams, anxieties, fear, guilt, death, unconsciousness but a place of consciouse rejuvenation.

3. Joining of Will

Sleep is a great opportunity to join Your Will with God’s. Since, you have no actions to perform, this Joining of the Will of both of You can be real solid. You can submit your Will to His. This practice will bring Grace to You.

Use of Miracles

From now on till 18 May 2019, Miracles will be used for the following purpose:

Miracles should be used to remove Fear, Confusion and Doubt.


I do not need miracles to bring me Peace because I know Peace is inherent in me.

I do not need miracles to bring me joy as I can live without joy.

Miracles should remove fear, confusion, and doubt from me. I will take whatever steps are necessary for this to happen. May I witness this Miracle.

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