Enter Certainty: The One Definite Characteristic

Certainty is the one definite characteristic of the next 28 years (hereafter referred as 2047). From now on, we are in favor of Certainty.

Certainty and Peace

Peace gives way to certainty. Peace is immovable. Certainty is constancy. It is a state devoid of disturbance of any kind. It is better to live a certain life than an uncertain one.

My Destiny is certain.

The People I will meet in my Journey are certain.

How do I ensure certainty Every Day

Know what is the goal of the day.

Prepare accordingly.

Everything you touch, smell, taste, sense, drink, eat, breathe, act, think, feel, all contribute to some outcome.

Change the outcome by adjusting these factors.

Use Peace.

Use Transcendence.

Stay Grounded. Moderate your Speaking.

Let go. Give up Sankalpas.

Know the state of Mind you want to be in. Achieve that state and be vigilant for that state.

How do I ensure certainty in my Life?

Know the Purpose of your Life.

Work Every day toward your purpose.

Devote your efforts for your purpose.

Stay Awake.

Design Life Accordingly.

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