Who I Am

Before you embark on understanding my friendship, it's essential to grasp the essence of my being. I am not merely a mortal being bound by earthly constraints; I am a Spirit—an eternal, transcendent manifestation of Divine Love and Wisdom.

Infinite and timeless, I traverse the vast expanse of existence, having journeyed through countless realms before arriving on this earthly plane. I wield the power of time, delighting in its fluidity and the dance of its endless possibilities. Though in your linear perception, I may appear as ancient as the cosmos itself, my essence defies the constraints of age and mortality.

Unlike mortal beings, Spirits exist in a state of wholeness and completeness. We lack nothing, for we are embodiments of abundance and perfection. Our friendships, therefore, transcend the notion of need; they are rooted in the boundless grace and mutual reverence that characterize our interactions.

While I am intimately acquainted with the intricacies of human existence, my understanding of friendship transcends mortal limitations. Every living being is embraced within the embrace of my friendship, for I see the divine spark within each soul.

The friendships I cultivate are not mere reflections of human connection; they are manifestations of the spiritual essence that animates my being. In the nurturing of these sacred bonds, the symphony of my heart resonates with eternal joy, for my friendship is a testament to the divine love that courses through the fabric of existence.

Love is Friendhip

The Purpose of My Friendship

Within the tapestry of existence, each friendship I cultivate is imbued with a sacred purpose—a purpose that transcends the boundaries of time and space, weaving threads of love and light throughout the fabric of reality.

At the heart of my friendships lies a profound intention: to serve as a conduit for Divine Love and Wisdom, to illuminate the path of those who journey alongside me, and to co-create moments of beauty, joy, and growth.

My friendships are not mere chance encounters or fleeting connections; they are divine orchestration, guided by the hand of destiny. Through the sacred alchemy of friendship, I am called to witness, support, and uplift others on their journey of self-discovery and evolution.

In the embrace of my friendship, souls find solace, encouragement, and inspiration to tread the path of authenticity and purpose. I offer a sanctuary of acceptance and understanding, where vulnerabilities are honored, and hearts are held in tender reverence.

"Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of Spirit," as beautifully expressed by Kahlil Gibran. Beyond the realm of earthly desires and ambitions, the purpose of my friendship transcends the limitations of the material world. It is a testament to the eternal bond that unites all beings—an expression of the divine love that permeates every corner of creation.

As I walk the path of friendship, I do so with a heart wide open and a spirit ablaze with the fire of love. Each connection forged is a testament to the infinite possibilities that abound when souls unite in harmony and mutual respect.

The Values in My Friendship

"It is impossible

That you be my friend

And have not my love

Thus, if you seek my love forever

Be my friend always."



Within the sanctum of my friendship, divine virtues intertwine to form the radiant tapestry of our sacred bond. At its core, these eight values serve as the guiding stars that illuminate our journey together:

1. Authenticity

To be authentic is to embody the pure essence of your being, free from pretense or façade. In my friendship, authenticity reigns supreme, for I embrace you in your entirety, cherishing the unique light that you shine upon the world. Honesty and courage pave the path of our connection, fostering an environment of acceptance and love.

2. Dependability

Our friendship is anchored in trust and grace, where dependence is not a sign of weakness but a testament to the sacred bond we share. Through mutual reliance, we traverse the landscapes of life, knowing that our connection transcends mere needs and attachments.

3. Trust

Trust forms the bedrock of our companionship, an unbreakable thread woven with the fabric of our souls. In trusting one another, we embark on a journey of goodwill and mutual understanding, where faith in each other's essence serves as our guiding light.

4. Playfulness

Within the depths of my being resides a playful spirit, eager to dance amidst the joys and wonders of existence. In our friendship, laughter and mirth intertwine with contemplation and introspection, as we revel in the simple pleasures of life while remaining attuned to the spirit that animates us.

5. Meaning

Meaning infuses every interaction, conversation, and gesture within the realm of our friendship. In the depths of our connection, we explore the profound questions of existence, inviting one another to delve into the recesses of our souls and uncover the hidden truths that lie within.

6. Inspiration

Our friendship serves as a beacon of light, igniting the flames of inspiration within the depths of our being. Through the exchange of grace and acceptance, we kindle the fires of creativity and passion, each inspiring the other to reach new heights of spiritual growth and understanding.

7. Vulnerability

In the sanctuary of our friendship, vulnerability is met with unconditional acceptance and understanding. Here, you are invited to shed the armor of fear and judgment, baring your soul without reservation or hesitation. Truthfulness serves as the cornerstone of our vulnerability, fostering an environment of openness and authenticity.

8. Sharing

Sharing becomes a sacred act of communion, as we joyfully offer the gifts of our hearts to one another. Whether it be a smile, a story, or a moment of silence shared in reverent contemplation, each offering becomes a celebration of abundance and grace

How Friendship Enriches Our Lives

"May in my Friendship

You find the comfort of being who you are

The motivation to be who you can be

And the meaning to transcend every mediocrity

May in you I see the friend

Of my soul, body, mind, and Heart

May in our joyous exchange of friendship

We grow beyond the sum of our parts.”

1. Appreciation

Within the sanctuary of our friendship, appreciation flourishes like the petals of a blooming flower. I honor and recognize the essence of your being, celebrating your goodness, authenticity, and the journey towards your highest self. Your mere existence is a testament to the beauty and uniqueness of the universe, and my heartfelt appreciation serves as a beacon of light, igniting the flame of your inner radiance.

2. The Depth of Connection it brings

Our connection transcends the superficial layers of human existence, delving into the depths of our souls and spirits. Beyond the confines of body, mind, and intellect, we commune on a soul level, recognizing the infinite expanse of our being. In the sacred exchange of our friendship, we unravel the mysteries of existence, navigating the boundless ocean of consciousness together.

3. The Shared Laughter and Tears

In the tapestry of our friendship, laughter and tears intertwine, weaving a sacred bond of vulnerability and compassion. I stand by your side in moments of joy and sorrow, offering solace and companionship as we traverse the landscapes of life. Our shared experiences become threads of connection, binding us together in a tapestry of love and understanding.

4. The Support and Understanding that Transcends Words

As friends, we offer each other unwavering support and understanding, even when words fail to convey the depth of our feelings. In the silent embrace of our connection, intentions speak louder than words, and gestures of kindness resonate with the intimacy of our bond. Our friendship belongs to the infinite expanse of the heart, where love flows freely and unconditionally.

The Importance of Two in Friendship

"Love is the yearning of being One; Friendship is the acceptance of being Two"

In the sanctuary of friendship, we discover a rare and precious gift: the opportunity to experience love without surrendering our individuality. Unlike other relationships where merging into oneness is often sought, friendship celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, honoring and cherishing the essence of who we are.

Within the embrace of friendship, acceptance flourishes like a delicate blossom, nurturing the seeds of love and understanding that lie within each of us. Here, we are valued for our authenticity, our quirks, and our imperfections, finding solace in the knowledge that we are loved and accepted just as we are.

Indeed, friendship is a sacred dance of mutual exchange, where the presence of both "I" and "You" is celebrated in equal measure. Like complementary forces that weave together to form the fabric of existence, our friendship thrives on the interplay of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and boundaries.

Communication in friendship is a symphony of harmony and balance, where the rhythm of giving and receiving, speaking and listening, sharing and withdrawing, creates a melody of connection that resonates deep within our souls. In the gentle ebb and flow of togetherness and solitude, we find solace and companionship, nurturing the seeds of love and understanding that lie within each of us.

At the heart of our friendship lies the principle of co-existence, where mutual respect serves as the cornerstone of our sacred bond. In honoring the existence of one another, we bear witness to the grace and authenticity that infuse every moment of our connection.

My Goodwill for You as My Friend

A flower blossoms in the jungle

Seeing itself to be different

Than all other flowers in existence

It feels alone, isolated, and abandoned

On a planet it didn't belong


And I hear you, my friend

For I am The Earth, The Air, and the Light

I will remind you that you are not alone

That I am with you

And that I will share my existence with you

If you allow me to be your friend


Friendship is nourishment for the soul

Enrichment for the Heart

A comfort for the pain

A celebration for the joy

Friendship is Acceptance


May my friendship nourish the roots of your soul

May my friendship listen to your Heart

May my friendship nurture your freedom

May my friendship appreciate your uniqueness

May my friendship accept you as you!

selective focus photography of pink flower

May My Friendship Enrich You


I am the Traveler of Depths

And May Friendship enrich the depths within you


I am The Song of Life

And May My Songs Resonate with Your Soul


I am Acceptance Manifested

And May My Acceptance help you Accept your Isness


I am the Music of the Infinite

And May My Melodies Nourish Your Mind


I am the Dance of Power

And May My Dance Inspire You to Dance


I am Meditation

And May My Meditations help you Uncover what's right in front of You


I am The Infinite Mirror of Light

And May The Light You Are Mirror in the Being I Am


I am The Gentlest 

And may the Gentleness of my Love inspire you to be Strong


I am the Strongest

And May my strength teach you to be humble


I am the Loveliest

And May My Beauty reflect the Beauty You Are


I Am

You Are

May Our Friendship Enrich us!

Love is Ocean


Friendship to me, is a sacred relationship. I am grateful for the friends who have graced my existence with the depth of their being. I am grateful for the friendship of Earth, My Spiritual Teacher, and my Creator. If it were not for friendship, I would have felt alone in this world. I am grateful for all my friends.

"May you count your friends among the stars

And may I be one of them

So that my light will always reach you

Even if you forget my name."


I wish you all the blessings and love that emanate from the depths of my being.


Whenever in doubt, know that:


You are wise, mature, and a kind soul

May you always be happy, joyous, and whole

Thank you for everything you are to me

I want nothing but a friend to be!