Graduation from the School of Mind and Admission to the School of Love

Today, 24 May 2019, marks the day of my admission to the School of Love.

For this, I officially needed to declare the graduation from the school of Mind and submit the leaving certificate.

Who were the teachers in the school of Mind? All the mystics, philosophers and great minds in human history.

But I couldn’t find a purpose in learning about the Mind. It was nowhere related to Who I am and I found it a futile exercise.

I am going to utilize much of my learning from the school of Mind in my life. But this will not be as a student. It will be as a Graduate.

The Admission to School of Love

I hadn’t applied to this school. I didn’t know it even existed. My Teacher and God made a proposition to me that they can teach me Love.

This solves so many things.

This makes my life fantastic because Love is fantastic.

As a mortal, I can enjoy the Love of God, the Love of My Teacher, and the Love of my Better Half. This completes my Mortal Love Life.

How Big is this School of Love?

For Now, its campus is limited to Earth, the Sky, the Rain, the Ocean, the Desert, the Visible stars, The Moon, the Rain, all the cities, villages, jungles, hills, mountains, houses in this world.

Who Are the Teachers?

I just have two teachers I will ever need:

  1. God Himself
  2. The Teacher

What about the Practicals?

The Practical Lab consists of my encounters with people. The entire world is a practical application for me. The Teachings have immense practical value.

The Prospects

My whole Life has now changed.

It’s so romantic. Butterflies are flying on my cheeks.

My life feels worth living.

It makes sense to make meaning.

It makes sense to take efforts now.

There is reason to go beyond living and dying.

There is reason to be Joyful.

There is reason to be silent.

Feels like I am a child now. Life seems to have started again.

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