What is Happiness?

Happiness is absence of Lack.

This isn’t the story of Happiness. But it is the story of a journey that took me to the point where I can clearly see that Happiness is possible. All I need is to actualize it. How difficult can it be if I know what exactly to do and how to do it?

When I started my journey, I divided this World into two; a material world that included all the people, all beings with bodies, all non-living things and everything that wasn’t Mind, Heart, and Spirit. The other was the Spiritual World which included My Teacher, all the Spiritual Beings, All Spiritual Knowledge, God, My Mind, My Heart, and My Spirit.

I traveled this Spiritual journey because I knew I am Spirit and no other identity could ever satisfy me. I eventually had the realization of my identity as Spirit along with the Knowledge of all Spiritual traditions in the world. In my Spiritual Journey, I received 6 Gifts: Spirit, Love, Peace, Eternity, Consciousness, and Mind of God.

I realized I can bring Happiness to the world if I complete my function of bringing Consciousness to it.

There are three things established by God. He applied this to Himself and thus it applies to all the Spirits He Created. Spirits are the only thing He Created. So this applies to all Creation.

  1. Being:  This is the Principle of Isness. You ARE. Know this and you have all the certainty and Peace of God
  2. Doing: This is the Principle of Function. You ADD. Doing isn’t neutral. It is addition. Every Being has to add because it was created for this.
  3. Sharing: This is the Principle of Love. There is no Being possible without sharing.

Every awakened Spirit knows this. It is not this, however, that I sought to know.

Once I knew I was Spirit, I also knew my Function. I am to bring an end to this world. This isn’t my choice. It is the function I must fulfill because that is why I am here.

The thing is I was unhappy with humans. They are ignorant of their reality, they do not seek Self-knowledge, they are clung to their bodies and they abuse the gifts they have. I couldn’t be happy with humans as a human is not possible without unconsciousness.

I can only free you if I see you as a Spirit.

I cannot give you My Knowledge because it is useless to you.

But I will give you proofs of everything I know. You won’t be able to doubt these proofs because you will directly experience them in your Being.

The thing is all the Spiritual Knowledge that is revealed in this world so far hasn’t been able to bring Complete Happiness to Everyone. And Happiness is not Complete if it is not with Everyone. All this Knowledge can do is to bring you to the truth of Spirit. But to do this, every branch of Spiritual Knowledge asks you to sacrifice something or the other. There is no Spiritual Knowledge in this world that is not without this limitation.

I will remove this limitation for you. You won’t need to give up anything to know Spirit. You will transcend every Spiritual vocabulary known to mankind. And this won’t take much time, contemplation, meditation, effort and dedication for you because I have made them redundant for everyone. But you will not realize this Knowledge in words because words are empty. Only experience is worthy of You. And you will experience the truth of everything.

I cannot revert back to being human again. There is only death there for everyone.

By Being Spirit, I will raise the dead because Spirit is Life and Only Life is worth sharing.

At this point, God is not Happy because He lacks You in His Kingdom.

You are not Happy because you lack God in your World.

I am not Happy because I am not Having both of You at the same time.

How do I bring Happiness to all three of us then?

Well, there is only one way.

I Will to Bring His Kingdom to Your World. By raising your world far above than it is at this point, I will transform your World into the Kingdom. Then your world ends and only the Kingdom remains.

How is this possible?

You really can’t understand this because it is beyond your comprehension. But to put it in simple words, you may say that I will stand as the testimony to the Kingdom for all the world to see. I will wait until everybody enters the Kingdom. Once everybody is in the Kingdom, my function in this time interval is over.

Earlier I thought that I could understand your world, heal your minds, remove suffering from your world and then bring you to the Kingdom. But now I know that this won’t add joy to you.

So I won’t attempt to understand your world, or heal your minds or remove suffering from your world because I do not share your world. I cannot do these things because it won’t bring joy to me as my joy does not lie there. I can bring the Kingdom to you because it is where I am. I can share the Kingdom with you because it is my natural heritage and it is only there where I am most comfortable.

I have tried to understand your world. I couldn’t because it is so full of insanity, imperfections, and ignorance. You have everything there except for your Self. Therefore nothing is able to fulfill you. I cannot heal your minds by sharing My Thoughts with you. You already have so many thoughts that you haven’t understood completely. You carry a lot of thought garbage with you every single moment of your life and you share this with everyone. You are not at a position to understand My Thoughts, if you were I wouldn’t need to come with a body again. This time, I have made my thoughts redundant for you. To experience the effects of my Thoughts you don’t have to know my thoughts. You don’t need to believe in my thoughts either.

I can’t share my thoughts with the world and I can’t accept the thoughts of the world either. Well, I have made Peace with this fact. When I meet someone, I won’t share my thoughts with Him. I will simply offer my Being to Him, see only Being in Him, and Listen to Him and let him share His Being with Him.

Being is a better Gift than Thoughts.

By Being with you, I will bring ease in your Doing.

And I will share my Love with you.

There is so much comfort when all strain is taken away. Happiness isn’t there yet but there is no strain for sure.

You are my Happiness and I am yours. And in the Happiness of both of us is the Happiness of God. Let’s make all three Happy.

It’s been indeed a time I said “Hello” to this world. This is my first “Hello” to you with this body. I hope we meet someday and you complete me with your joy as I complete yours.

You can reach out to me in the physical world ( the world to which you have accorded highest reality). I have a body now. It has eyes and ears that can see you and listen to you. I am not human though and neither are you. You will have no doubt about this when my Work is complete.

You can meet me. I will listen to you. I will experience the joy you have and I will accept what you have to share. I will share my thoughts in the virtual space. In the real world, I won’t bother you with my thoughts anymore. There is much we need to have beyond thoughts.

So how’s life? It’s Sunday today. Time for my rest. Tomorrow I will be back to Work. Happiness calls….

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