How to Use June 2019

What to Use June 2019 For

1. Explore and get comfortable with Who I Am

This will happen during 1 to 15 June. It will be solid by 30 June

2. Progress in Love and Friendship

The entire 30 days are for improving in friendship. Love will improve after 17 June.

3. Get to the Next Level at Work

  • Quicken the process of Articles
  • Increase Digital Marketing outputs by 140%

4. Communication Phase 1

This is the STUDY project for this month. In this month, we will complete Phase 1 of Communication. In July, we will complete Phase 2 (the Last Phase) of Communication.

What are the Metrics for Progress?

There are 3 Metrics. These are part of 2047.

1. Certainty

2. Depth

3. Clarity

Let’s Begin June.

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