Internship Day 1

Instant Peace

I can bring instant Peace by Listening, Complying, and avoiding conflict. I can afford to do this. Thus, I can bring Instant Peace.

Project Heart

10 years ago we undertook Project Mind. We wanted to see how far can Mind reach. We studied works of philosophers, mystics, thought-leaders, religions, beings throughout History of Mankind. We did expand Mind to phenomenal Level.

Now is the Time To Expand Heart. This is also a 10-Year Project. Starting on 5th of May 2019, ending on 4th of May 2029. We will utilize the work that has already been done with Mind.

We will use the Powers of Mind to reduce the time required for such expansion. We already know:

  • the limit of thought,
  • intellectual enquiry,
  • the Ego’s need to prove itself right
  • frailty of thought when connecting to individuals

We will avoid all these to advance on the Path of Heart.

I already have:

  • The Power of Metta
  • The Power of Good Intention
  • A sensitive Heart
  • A Place for Inspiration in Heart
  • A place for Expression in Heart

I need to have:

  • The understanding of Human Heart
  • Understanding The Deeper layers of Human Emotions
  • Applied Heart
  • Expressions to bloom my Heart
  • Connections to others’ Hearts
  • Appreciation for Others’ Heart

The Gifts I already Have

I have:

  • Appreciation
  • Inspiration
  • Actualization
  • Transcendence

I just need to apply these Gifts to Heart. So that I will have:

  • Appreciation of the Heart
  • Inspiration of the Heart
  • Actualization of the Heart
  • Transcendence of the Heart

What is Heart but Love?

Dipraj 5th of May 2019 , 6:11PM

The Key Difference in Approach to the Heart and Mind

Mind was divided. So I had to take the approach of separation, division and parts.

Heart is Love. Love is unified. I cannot treat Heart as if it’s separate at separate times and places. The restraints of Time and Space are not applicable to Heart just as they are not applicable to Mind.

Ocean and Mountain

Mind is like scaling a Mountain. Heart is like diving in the Ocean.

As for my Personality, I am a Lion who rests in the Mountain.

But I no longer want to stay in the Mountain. I know there is no Life there. All that is left is a barren Kingdom with no food, rain, and subjects. That Mountain is not fit for the Leo.

I need the Mountain in the middle of the Ocean. I am happy there. I will learn to be like the fish. I will dive in the vastness of the Ocean. I will make everyone comfortable in the Journey of Life.

I will only roar in the solitude of my Mountain. I will be the lone King of the Mountain in the Middle of The Ocean.

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