Internship Day 2: Sensing

What senses are prominent in me apart from Seeing?

I can touch and feel.

I can smell.

And I can listen.

The Sense of Taste has also evolved to a fine degree.

Apart from all these senses that are experienced, there is one more sense: The Sense of Sleeping. I experience it whenever I am sleeping.

So to work on senses, means to work on:

  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Listening
  • Touch
  • Sleep

This work is the other spectrum of Mind-Body-Heart Pair. Let’s not define a time for this.

Let’s understand this does go through Buddhahood.

Indeed a man of awesome profession!

The Second Major Sense: Listening

Listening is the second major sense which I employ all the time. Just as there is not a moment when I am not seeing, there is no moment when I am not listening.

I need to remove the unconscious influence from my Listening. It means I understand that there is no random sound. Every sound does mean something.

Redirecting Senses through Heart

Earlier these senses had their way through Mind.

Now Mind is not a place for these.

Let these senses be routed through Heart.

Thus, I have a Dual Nature; Mind and Heart.

I am never without these. Let me complete myself with this Dual Nature.

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