Internship Day 2: Vision

I have joined the tribe of lovers.


I am no longer in the Space. I am in the Ocean.

I am not in this World. This World Is in Me.

By the end of the day, Jesus put a solid proposition. If this succeeds, it will save countless suffering and bring infinite bliss.

Here it goes. This is about Vision.

Everything I see is an Idea.

This takes away all material nature of this Universe. It’s as if the Universe does not consist of matter. It consists of Ideas.

This is very hard for my unconsciousness to comprehend (and yours too). I have a vast amount of data of unconsciousness. The way unconsciousness interprets reality is very crude yet most effective. It doesn’t have the fluidity of the Mind.

The unconscious rests heavily in the Body. Thus, it believes in Inertia, The Principle of Pleasure and Pain, the idea of Getting, and validity of Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell.

With this, it forms a world based on beliefs, self-interests, cravings, and dreams (all mental entities). But these are also very concretely rooted in the Physical existence.

Does this Idea relieves me of Physical Existence?

No. I have breath to carry. There is a Body that can sense, work and communicate.

But this will change the way I sense, work and Communicate.

If understood properly, Everything I see is an Idea, opens up an entire world of Mind at My Disposal.

I can rule such World because I AM THE MIND Made for this.

This idea gives a tremendous freedom and Peace to my Mind that was never possible through any other idea.

This is also the Idea of Detachment. With this, I can withdraw my poor investment in materials.

From Material to Meaning

Material has Meaning when it comes into contact with Body.

Idea has meaning when it comes into contact with Mind.

Everything I see is an Idea. Thus, Everything has a meaning in my Mind.

This meaning is not given by Heart or Love.

This meaning merely is. This is my Recognition of Being. Its Appreciation lies in the Mind itself.

The Inspiration, Actualization, and Transcendence are now related to Heart.

This relieves the Mind from the Burden of Inspiration and restores it the natural state of Isness (Recognition, Appreciation, and Remembering).

Spiritual Side

There is also a Spiritual side to this.

Mind does not want anything now since it understands that there is NO Thing. As Every Thing is but an Idea.

This gives a full stop to every craving, desire, and demand.

What can the Mind demand? There is no thing that can be had.

All things have become ideas. Thus, the Mind is truly satiated.

This also brings an indifference to everything as the meaning now rests in Mind, it is open to explore the meaning and apply whatever it pleases.

This is again a state of Meaningful Ecstasy that this Mind enjoys.

Such a Mind is fit for Buddhahood.

Such a Mind is where all the desires of the Universe are satisfied.

Such is the Mind where God Himself joins as a Thought.

Such is the Mind that is the Nectar of Immortality.

Thanks Brother for this Gift. I hope I bring something back to you as well.

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