Sankalpas aren’t supported in this World. Prakriti is the sole doer and enjoyer in this world. She rules this entire cosmos. She powers everything in it and under her spell everything moves. Spirit isn’t free to do everything in this World as this is the World of Prakriti.

ParamPurusha is the foundation of Peace. His nature is Peace. On this foundation, TripuraSundari must be allowed to play. If left without this foundation, she becomes very angry and becomes destructive. This peace is end of desires, End of Rajoguna and End of the “I” that is in the mind.
Tripurasundari is the Bhokta and Karta of Three Gunas. She derives pleasure from the senses. She energizes the senses. She incites Karma. She eats Karma. In all this play of her, ParamPurusha does nothing. To witness her joy in his own peace is his joy.
Hence the one who is established in Peace and Experiences Joy is in Bliss.
This is the conclusion of the Universe.

Dipraj January 21,2019

End Of Sankalpa

Ending the Sankalpas is very useful. First of all, it removes a vast amount of effort. Second, you let go of a lot of uncertainty that is involved in carrying out the Sankalpa. You cannot determine or predict everything for everyone in this world. Thus you should have microSankalpas instead.

Take my own example to understand the difficulty of Sankalpa. At the moment of My appearance in this World with a Body of a Child, I created this Sankalpa of Knowing Myself. Through an arduous journey of 18 years, I finally got to Know myself. Did it happen because of my efforts? No. It happened when I gave up all my efforts.

Again, in 2012 I created another Sankalpa to know Love. That was a year-long journey. Did I achieve it by my Self-Effort? No. It did came when I gave up all the effort and when it happened it blew my mind.

In 2016, when I wanted to experience Peace, I didn’t do any Sankalpa. Instead, I just requested it wholeheartedly and I was given it.

With Sankalpa, you decide what you want to happen. The rest is not in your control. This is because, You are not the doer, at least not in this world.

This is something very hard to comprehend for the unawakened Spirits. They simply cannot resist their longing to do. This because God Create Spirit to Be, to Do, and to Share. This, however, depends on the World to World basis. In this World, Spirit is the only identity that can be Blissful. The Doing part is mostly driven by Prakriti. This is even in the case of Awakened Spirits. Anyone who thinks that He is the doer in this World is a fool. Doing happens through the Universal Principle.

To share is the natural inclination of the Spirit. This is fully supported in this World.

I cannot be Rudra in this World because this world cannot handle that Energy.

I will worship Shiva because He knows the Consciousness in the Body.

I will worship Shakti because She is the Power in this Body.

By worshiping these two, I will master all the channels of My Body.

Converting Current Sankalpas into MicroSankalpas

What are the current Sankalpas?

Spoken Word, Listening, Introduction of Spirit through Body Language, Reinterpretation of Relationship with Spirit (Friendship), Perfect Heart, Perfect Mind, and Perfect Vision.

Now all of these have finishing times. If I wait for that time, they will never happen. Our ultimate goal is to make time useless.

For this, we will use microSankalpas.

What is MicroSankalpa?

It is a small mindful thing that is done with full awareness of its consequences.

This way, you gain the strength and capacity to handle the result of Sankalpa.

What do I want to Experience Today?

I want to experience Complete Peace today.

The Peace that was there when my Body was in the womb.

The Peace that is there when Mind does not have anything in it except what God put there.

The Peace of the identity of the Spirit.

May I experience this Today.

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