Miracle Week 1

I have decided the week 23-29 March to be a Miracle Week.

Day 1, 23 March, Saturday

In the Morning, two strangers greeted me with a smile.

I got a seat in the bus effortlessly.

The Rickshaw guy did not distressed me over a spoiled note. Instead, He offered me a coin.

Restoration of Vision Part 1

Today I realized I am blind when I am occupied with my thoughts. I do not really see, I just see the meaning I have given to everything. This is a prejudiced vision.

Remember, the Vision Rudra talked about in the very first blog post? That kind of Neutral Vision is only possible when I honestly ask “What are you?” to everything I see and wait until it tells me. This is an honest attempt at connecting.

The Next Step is appreciating it for what it is. Next is Gratitude for it revealed itself unto you. The Last is the Connection of Love that you both have.

This much I have understood about Vision today. May I successfully apply it every day. I give a deadline to concrete this lesson before Gudhipadwa (Saturday, April 6, 2019)

Day 2, 24 March 2019, Sunday

Restoration of Vision Part 2

I only want to SEE God.

How is this possible?

Because we know beyond doubt, that God is Everything.

What is Vision then?

Vision is three things:

  1. Form: Isness
  2. Function: Meaning
  3. Communication: Purpose

First, see the Form of what you SEE. That Form is God.

Next, Ask it, “What is your function?” and wait for its answer. Wait patiently in silence until conveys its meaning to you. Meaning is its Function. This meaning is conveyed to Your Heart, Mind, and Spirit. Be Gentle, Awake and you will Know it.

Finally, Realize that Communication is the Purpose of both of You. You communicate with God through WHOLE of Your Existence. This is MAXIMAL.

Vision Establishes Destiny

When Vision is complete, you undertake a Joint Journey which is Called a Destiny. Destiny is the Joint WILL of the Both of You.

The original meaning of Destiny is to “establish, make firm”.

This much I understood about Vision today. Remember to apply ETERNITY to VISION. For, VISION is of the SPIRIT and SPIRIT is ETERNAL.

Spirit With Body

I can be Spirit with Body.

Body Lives by Extension and Mind Lives by Projection.

As Spirit, I use Extension.

Thus, Projections of the Mind are not needed and Body Need not be Condemned for what it is. 

Now is Spirit Happy with the Body.

Day 3, 25 March 2019, Monday

Healing The Mind of 5 ailments

These are the 5 ailments of the Mind:

  1. Grasping
  2. Aversion
  3. Projection
  4. Thoughts
  5. Identity Creation

The First two are gone with the understanding of Equality of Everything and with detachment.

Projection is replaced by Extension.

Thoughts are placed in the Heart.

There is no need of any identity except Spirit.

The Complete Freedom

I have complete freedom when it comes to My Salvation.

The Freedom in Karma when one gives up one’s longing for its fruit is the greatest savior.

Spirit is very free when working with Mind, Body, Heart and even without these.

Day 4, 26 March 2019

I witnessed three miracles today. These were related to Effortlessness, Awakening, and Salvation through doing.

Effortlessness of Vision and Hearing

I can effortlessly see GOD that is close to me. The God a far is not yet clearly visible. However, there is no difficulty in seeing Every Form as God. I don’t have to think at all. I can appreciate what is close to me.

The real miracle is about Hearing. It started at around 6.45 pm when I was in a bus. Suddenly every sound became ALIVE. Everything inside the bus and outside the bus started having a sound. And these sounds were like a one continuous whole. It was like a river. I was very glad that my sense of “hearing” was returned to me like that. I can enjoy the wonder of “Sound” now.

What is needed to enjoy these gifts? Only One Thing: Awakening.

I need to stay Awake.

Salvation through Doing

I won’t go deep into this because I have stopped using philosophical arguments to prove something intellectually.

In one sentence: Salvation through doing is possible by Nishkama Karmayoga and Love.

I have added only Love to what Sri Krishna has prescribed.

Responsibility of Exhaustion

I am responsible for My exhaustion. Exhaustion doesn’t happen overnight and you are completely responsible for your choice of unconsciousness, ignorance, errors of thinking, alternate use of body and opinions of mind.

What do I want to experience tomorrow?

I want to witness the miracle of true Inspiration that is opposite of exhaustion.

I want this Inspiration to last until I sleep tomorrow.

Day 5, 27 March 2019

Vision and The Question

Today, I enjoyed the vision I have.

There was no effect of water on my Vision as if my Vision is no longer going to be de-stressed by water.

There was a dialogue We (Me and My Teacher) had and he asked me, “Why do you want to SEE?”

And I had no answer to this question.

I mean I do not need eyes to SEE God. I am happy with the Formless. Plus, there is nothing worth seeing if it isn’t God. So, I think I Want to SEE with My Eyes the God that is in the FORM.

More upon this later as I know there will be a better answer.

My Life Summarized

In a way, He gave me another explanation. Instead of impacting the world at large, if I could largely impact a small world at hand, then also my Life’s function is fulfilled.

I can still complete the 5 works I promised to life. I can still carry out my Soul’s function. I may not disseminate Spiritual knowledge to many but I can use it in every aspect of My Life. Plus, in such a life there is a HUGE opportunity for Devotion. This is a far better Life than the ones I was trying to imagine. This way, My Guru has taken away a huge burden from my Life.

So I need to stay Awakened. I need to use the vehicles of Mind, Body, and Heart in the Service of Spirit. May My Spirit Be devoted to My Teacher and God. I can create an island of perfect serenity, Peace and Happiness for those in my immediate vicinity. I can literally craft out such a life. That’s my sole mission now. I will Create what my Teacher has shown me to be Possible. With this, I am at ease.

Thank you, Beloved Teacher.

I had asked for Inspiration and I did get inspired.

What do I want for tomorrow?

I just want to stay Awakened.

Day 6, 28 March 2019

There were three distinct directions in which I was guided today.

Yoga Nidra

The kind of Sleep I want is not possible in the human world. I have tried human sleep, it tires me like hell. Awakening has to be a constant state and it should only increase. I will soon figure this out.

Spoken Word

What kind of Speech you want?

A spoken word that will not arouse uneasiness, question or doubt in the minds of the listener. Now Communication happens at all levels. Since Spoken word is under Intellect, it is better to stay silent and complement speaking through other mediums like facial expressions, body language or a simple pause.

Still, if persisted to talk, pretend you are clearing your throat by saying Aham Aham (literally “Self, Self”). By this action, you make your first direct response to talk or to answer redundant. Now your job is simply to state a clear well-intended statement.
This last step is very important and it is the basis of Loving Kindness through Spoken Word. It won’t have the effect you want, but it would not cause harm to the other person and he/she will open up to you. They will talk more with you.

There are many more miracles of the Spoken Word, we will cover them in the upcoming months. For now, we are focused on “Damage Control” part of the Spoken Word.

Introducing Transcendence

Yesterday, Beloved teacher made Space redundant for me by placing My Self locally.

Today, by His Inspiration, I am making Time redundant for me by placing My Self locally.

This is a very profound step and won’t be grasped in first sitting. I have the ability to accelerate, decelerate, and skip time. I can set goals in time. Mostly, I complete my goals far before the deadline. This happens because of Transcendence. Transcendence is skipping of steps in achieving something.

Now, I know my destiny. There are certain events that are bound to happen in My Life. With my ability of placing goals in time, I can perfect them even before the time arrives. But this goes out of sync with the time of the Universe. So a complete sync seldom happens. To tackle these two problems (faster solution in time and sync with Universal Time ) I am given the solution of Transcendence.

Transcendence is to accelerate time and learning to the next level. It is different that The Present Moment. In that, it isn’t neutral.

By this, I am making future redundant for me by making everything happen in the Present. Since there are so many events to happen, I will always be quite busy and never bored. This is a fabulous solution that takes away the burden of Time away from me.

Thank you Beloved Teacher.

Day 7, 29 March 2019

Today was the first day I used Transcendence. I applied for the day. I just planned the happenings in my day. Now that I look back, I can see how powerful it was, though not in a way that I am used to.

There are three miracles I witnessed today:

There was a Red signal ahead and I was in my Rickshaw. I wanted that Red to turn into Green before I reach the signal. And It DID.

Second, I just missed a bus to my hometown. I prayed that there be another bus right after it. And there WAS.

While in the bus, no one was with me. I prayed that I be not alone. The Bus stopped and my Teacher visited me in the form of an old man. He sat right next to me. He was so calm. We talked for a while. Then he left me in my meditation.

Summarizing Miracles

Miracles do happen when you are clear about what you want. These are the expressions of love that I witnessed:

1. Vision:

The deadline for the understanding of prejudiced vision (6 April) is completed today itself. I now perfectly know that I am not really seeing or listening anything when I am lost in my own thoughts.

I am able to SEE GOD in every form. I have not reached the stage of meaning and communication yet. I do, however, have a slight idea about Destiny. I am grateful for that.

I know why I want to SEE. I want to see because I want to give meaning to Everything. And everything is God. This is my way of worshiping Him

2. Spirit and Body

Spirit can directly interact with Body by taking control of Prana, senses and meaning.

Mind’s thoughts can be safely stored in the Heart. There are becoming less and less every day.

Awakening of Body is possible.

3. Spoken Word

Nobody can take away my control over my spoken word. Nothing can harm me other than my Spoken word.

I have discovered a few techniques to tackle the spoken word (Aham Aham) and its need.

I still need to master it. May it happen before its appointed time.

4. Transcendence

This is a real time-saver. I am going to make so much use of this. I just need to plan my day. I can take care of My day anytime I want.

5. Laghu Prana

This is a technique of Pranayam that My Teacher taught me today. It is useful for staying awake. It is opposite of deep breathing. It doesn’t need that much air. Instead, it uses the subtle movement of a little amount of Prana to reconnect with the Spirit.

Thus miracle week 1 was over.

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