Redirecting Life

Redirecting Life

There are three ways through which I am redirecting my Life. The ship will navigate to Ocean of Timelessness and not to the River of Time.

1. Removing Sankalpas

Sankalpa is bondage of Time. This Universe does not support Sankalpa. Yet, majority works on Sankalpa.

I am removing Sankalpa from my life because it is not in sync with my Nature which is not bound by Time.

Plus, I can now afford to live my Natural Life – A Life without the Bondage of Time.

2. Removing Punishment

Punishment is the way people use to learn. I don’t like that learning and I don’t need to subject myself to guilt for this.

I am removing the concept of Punishment forever from my Life.

Nobody has to suffer punishment. I neither.

Let’s see how we can do without punishment.

The concept of punishment involves a medium use of People. On one hand, it relates to learning which is a completely personal phenomenon. On the other hand, it involves people through which you learn.

Thus, removing punishment means releasing the people from which you learn.

Removing Fear as the Way of Life

I have been like people. I came to believe that Fear drives People. I thought I had to work with this law and this law is the final verdict of this world.

But My Life’s Work is the exact opposite of this.

I want to prove that People are driven by Love.

I will make such connections, I will direct such efforts, My effects will be like this.

I am completely giving up this concept of appealing to Fear in People. Accepting Love as the way of life means overcoming conditioning, bondage, and negativity.


These three things have brought me release. First comforts my Time-transcendent Nature. The second confirms to my comfort which I get by learning through Love. The third gives me a new perspective through which I can work with People.

Let’s live a life that goes ahead.

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