Self 1.0

The Reality of Multiple Selves

When I appeared in this world, I created two selves for two opposite pursuits. That was the classic creation of two Selves.

Within that also I created multiple selves as I felt the need to create one. Each of these selves would have a distinct quality and I would upgrade to a better self when I wanted to have that quality. This was when I was unconscious (read “Unawakened” as no one is really conscious until one awakens).

How many selves did I create?

Well, that depends on timeline. Selves I created during the periods 1996-2000, 2001-2005, 2006-2007, 2007-2009, 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2012-2014,2015-2016, 2016-2018 were all distinct and served the purpose allotted to them at that point.

Just like Tony Stark creates a new suit for himself, I built selves to explore multiple realities at the same time. So far I have used more than 700 selves. There is no doubt about my ability to create selves. Only question is how many I maintain. Of these 700, I have only consistently maintained 15. The rest come and go.

Thing is, all of these selves were parts of a fragmented self. This fragmentation was needed because that’s how I was operating with reality- in fragments.

Now that I am awakened to My Reality, I need a Self that would employ qualities that are in line with reality. Of course, I cannot create my Self because I am the creation of My Creator. And I cannot dishonor him by changing what He created.

But I can create a Self that is close to Who I Am. Well, we will go about this in phases. Here comes the Phase 1: Self 1.0

Self 1.0

This Self is at the most basic Body Level. There is no part of this Self that is at the abstract Mind Level. We want to experience Reality at the Body Level. So this Self is an attempt to bring two Spiritual qualities directly to the Body.

Buddha’s Peace brought directly to the Body.

The Body is now devoid of drives. The Mind that drives it is totally adrift as it is yet to be accustomed to the awakening. At this stage, It is unwise to establish Buddha’s Peace to the Mind. The Body can, however, establish this Peace for itself.

It is easier to bring Peace to the Body than to the Mind. Let your every action reflect the Peace of the Buddha. With this, let go of the old mind software as it has become outdated. Let it be replaced on its own. You need not worry about the replacement. You only need to be conscious of what goes away.

Dipraj 18-03-2019 8:33PM

Why Buddha’s Peace?

Buddha’s Peace is devoid of Grasping and Aversion. There is no attachment in it. Plus, it is Mindful.

All these qualities can be brought to Consciousness. Body is Consciousness. Thus, Body can be devoid of Aversion and Grasping. It can have no attachment to anything. It can be Mindful.

Buddha’s Peace when directly handled by Body awakens Qi. These Peace results in postures that are Graceful, Calm, free-flowing, and spontaneous.

Why this reverse approach from Body to Mind?

Because, for years I have been on the plane of mind. It has a lot of content and I need to reduce all that content to a few thoughts. This is a lot of house cleaning and I would appreciate if my Body lends a hand or two.

So focus no 1: Peace Postures

Treating everything as it is

This refers to the Body’s reaction to everything. When you see, see as it is. See it as a consciousness. But don’t treat as something in the past. Do not anticipate it as well. Just let it tell you what it is in this moment.

Everything is changing and you will miss this change if you stick to old ideals or create your own. Be sensitive to how the thing is now.

Be Receptive. Touch as if you are touching for the first time. Look as if you are looking for the first time. Listen as if you are listening for the first time. Speak as if you are speaking for the first time. Taste as if you are tasting for the first time. Smell as if you are smelling for the first time. Be Alive to Everything you come in contact to. This you can certainly do with the Body.


The Completion of Self 1.0

In the Body, Self 1.0 is complete. Let’s run it for a few days, sample the data and proceed further.

The other task that is going along with this is to reduce the thought content, let go of redundant mind content and adapt to Spirit.

May the Self be complete in its first phase.

Peace. Peace. Peace be to everyone.

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