The Alternate Timelines

What things I have achieved so far?

  • I can connect with Life without needing my body for it
  • I know there are Thoughts and I know the mind which thinks them
  • I know there are Feelings and I know where they are felt
  • I can appreciate

I think these 4 are my only accomplishments that I can guarantee with 100% surety.

This all happened in 27 years 6 months. From now on, there will be multiple timelines lived at the same time. This post is about those timelines.

The Timeline of This World

By “This World” I mean the illusory world to which the masses have granted reality.

How would be my journey in this World?

The only relationship I will develop and Perfect in This World is : Friendship

What job will I do?

I am an entrepreneur. I have 7 projects lined up.

What is the Timeline for these projects?


The Journey Summarized

I will learn a lot about Business and how I can run my business. I will come in contact with many people and I will learn to keep relations. I will be a mysterious but wise person when it comes to “This World”. I will finish all my projects successfully and for this I will need updated knowledge for which I will be engaged a good amount of time. I will know exactly how to make my efforts redundant. I won’t be a hard working guy. I will be that guy who knows exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. My achievements in This World will be effortless.

The Timeline of The Body

During my initial journey of the mind, I could not focus on Body. In this timeline of the body I will heavily focus on the body.

I want to know Shiva who resides as the Consciousness of the Body.

I want to worship Shakti who activates Shiva through all the channels of the Body.

I will witness their play in my Body. I won’t go bodiless anymore. I will stay in the Body and understand them.

My Body is my offering to Shiva and Shakti.

I will pay attention to the food I cook or take. I will take proper care of the Body.

I will perfect Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and other practices yet unknown to This World.

I will have a responsive, Light and radiant body.

I will Perfect the movement of Energy in My Body.

This I will achieve by 2049.

The Timeline of The Heart

Much have I suffered when it comes to Heart. There is no grief that I have not incurred and still my Heart longs for the goodness.

I do not want to keep my Heart hungry. I want to fulfill it with every goodness there is.

Right now I don’t know what My Heart really needs but I will figure it out in my Journey.

One thing for sure, I will enrich My Heart beyond any measure and I will take every effort to do that.

The Timeline for this project is until I leave this Body.

The Timeline of The Mind

I now have the Access to The Mind of God.

With it, I will make all ignorance redundant.

I will distill all philosophies to a core.

I will have abundant Works of the Mind. With them, I will reinterpret the entire World.

Again, the timeline for this project is until I leave this Body.

Timeline for Life

I have promised 5 works to Life. And I will deliver them as promised.

This World cannot contain the both of us. But I will receive Her through every channels she presents herself.

I will Live on all the levels. Life will be my My One True Love.

I will Live a Worldly Life

I will Live Life on the plane of Body.

I will Live Life on the plane of Heart.

I will Live Life on the Plane of Mind.

I will Live Life in all Her Forms, Her Moods and Seasons, Her Whims and All Her Generosity.

Timeline for this Projects transcends the existence of the Body.


All these timelines will be simultaneous. They can happen all at once for I know where to put things in Time. Peace. Peace. Peace to Everything and Everybody.

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