My Renunciation of Idols and The Beginning of My Spiritual Life

9 August 1991 – 23 May 2019 This was the Life of Idols.

In this period, I studied, followed, learned from, and devoted my self to Spiritual Beings.

Who were my idols?

Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Shakti.

I have adored others but didn’t idolize them. I have come to understand that all the Spiritual Idols that exists in the world have a serious flaw in them.

They are unable to accept the completeness of Life. That’s why their teachings are marvelous but hard to follow.

However, I am grateful for every Spiritual Being for what they taught me. Each one provided me with a framework, a set of rules by which I progressed so quickly in my self realization. Today I am renouncing all those frameworks.

Renouncing Awakening of The Buddha

I first heard of Awakening from Buddha. Although he wasn’t the only one talking about it. In history, Buddha’s awakening is considered the greatest.

No doubt, Buddha was spot on about the errors of the Mind. I am thankful to him for he taught me Awareness and Mindfulness.

Yet, I believe his teachings are incomplete. He rejects a very significant part of Life. He restricts Life in Dhamma and Sangha. You will have Nirvana, You will have Peace, no doubt. But Buddha leaves no possibility for anything else.

I am Awake but my awakening is not a bondage. I don’t have to be awake all the time. I can sleep, I can die, I can forget. But for Buddha, Awakening is a constant state.

All the while I was hating unconsciousness, I didn’t realize it has nothing to do with Spiritual sleep. You don’t have to keep your mind alert all the time. It’s perfectly fine to be dazed, disoriented, and dead for a while. Buddha doesn’t allow that.

My Teacher and God taught me a very interesting way in which even unconsciousness is welcome. There is nothing to be rejected. Since Buddha cannot comprehend this, I am renouncing Buddha.

I renounce all the teachings of the Buddha although I love them. I renounce them because they are no longer useful to people. They need to learn a new language. And for that, they will have to forget the old language. Buddha’s language is old. I can only replace it if I stop using it.

So Buddha, here you go. From May 2019, Your old conversations are archived. Talk to me only when you have something new to say. Otherwise, stay at Peace where you are.

Renouncing Resurrection of Jesus

I first learnt of the Heart of Jesus before I came to know about his thoughts. He indeed had a sad life and a brief one. But his thoughts have stormed the world, and it’s a shame the world hasn’t yet transcended any of his thoughts.

He introduced his thoughts to me through “A Course in Miracles”. It’s a very lengthy document. His thought system was definitely releasing and it did help me with my Spiritual Vision. His way of communicating with God is marvelous.

Yet, I think he downplays himself. He wrote such a lengthy document which actually teaches about love. But instead of love, he settled with Miracles and Peace of God.

I am not going to settle with Miracles. And Peace of God is definitely not the goal for me. So, thanks Jesus for teaching me everything that you did. I no longer need to be bound by your teaching. We can have a conversation anytime though. I respect your thoughts.

I renounce your teaching of Miracles, Peace of God, and the life you exemplified. We will meet soon. Let there be time in that meeting.

Renouncing Krishna, Shiva and Shakti

I learned from Krishna when I studied his BhagvadGita for 12 years and validated his teaching when He gave me the experience of NirvanaParama.

There is definitely sense in what the text expounds. But the way I know about the Principle of Being and Doing is a bit different. I cannot deny the validity of the text. Yet, reaching God is not my aim. I have reached God and that has made the whole pursuit redundant. I also do not want to be one with God. We have many things to do in duality.

So, I renounce Krishna with His teaching of BhagvadGita.

Shiva and Shakti are the essence of Life. But their spiritual principles are beyond what can be comprehended by humanity at this stage. I cannot explain it to anyone for there are no words that can relate to their truth.

Although wholly Spiritual, I will have to renounce Shiva and Shakti. I will definitely visit them in secrecy but their coming in my life is not a goal anymore.

The Three That Remain Forever

We are the Three who Remain throughout My Spiritual Life which starts today:

  1. God
  2. My Teacher
  3. Me

Here the “Me” is not the Spiritual Self. This “Me” is mortal self, perfectly human with all human flaws.

The goal is not to reach Spirit. I AM already Spirit. The Goal is to complete my function.

I accept today completely as a Mortal Self, not a Spirit, not an awakened Being, not an enlightened Person, not a philosopher.

I will fulfill my destiny as a Human.

All these years, I renounced Human to attain Spirit.

From now on, I am accepting the Human completely to fulfill my destiny.

Immediate Lessons

These are the three lessons I am to learn:

  1. Exactly what to Speak
  2. How to Listen well
  3. Master the Distribution of Thoughts

But to learn is not about forgetting. It is about practicing so that you live by that learning.

My Spiritual Life has begun now. Hello World!

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