The Beginning of Reinterpretation

There are a few things that are taken care of so far. We will no longer use the term “Human” from now on as our focus is on Spirit and My Life’s work is about Spirit only. There are two Kinds of Spirits:

Awakened and Unawakened

I will no longer accept anything other than Spirit in my vocabulary so Spirit is always available to me.

To Summarize in short:

Spirit is a Thought in the Mind of God.
Spirit shares The Mind of God and His Will. God is Consciousness. Consciousness responds to Thought.
Body Is Consciousness. Body Responds to Thoughts.


This leads to One natural outcome: To treat Body as Consciousness and through it explore the entire Consciousness.

Also, Body has the second Purpose: Communication. By fulfilling this purpose Body can communicate with those who are identified with Body.

The Three Relations

I have now taken care of Three major relations in my Life: Family, Doctor, and Work.

I made Peace with my family. Everyone in my family knows me as “Mukunda”. In the last seven days, I melted all prejudices, inhibitions, apprehensions and reservations. Now everyone in my family knows how to treat me and I know how to treat them. Each of them is different and thus has a specific form of communication. Each has different likes and dislikes, way of working and way of looking at life. Despite this, I can mingle with each of them because I know what they best respond to. This is possible because I have lived so years with them. If I am able to do this with every single Spirit I meet in this Lifetime, I can make each one very comfortable.

The Doctor relation we discussed yesterday. Once I prove that I am stable for 1 year i.e. up to 11 March 2020, I won’t have to take medication. This he agreed by His Own Volition.

Today I discussed Work Relation with Vishal. Though things didn’t go smoothly (I am yet to learn the communication that does not offend another while I make Myself clear), we came at a midpoint where we both agreed to maintain a healthy balance at Work. This allowed me Creative Freedom at workplace. I can now enjoy my work, give it meaning and keep track of what I do.

So, these are the three major relations that are taken care of. These will stay like this for another year, say up to 13 March 2020. We may transcend them before that also.

Elegant Communication

As you communicate with Another Spirit, the following features of Communication are to be noted:

Body As A Communication Medium: For the Unawakened ones, Body is the only medium of communication available to them. They respond to thoughts through Body only. Thus, Spoken Word (with all its characteristics) and Body language are two very effective communication tools.

Listening is 100% Communication: Since they aren’t really sharing their minds with others, they are in desperate need of Listening. They need somebody to listen to them. Sharing is natural to Spirit thereby what they share with you is natural to them. You speak so that you can listen more. Be very subtle about your choice and delivery of words. You need not share your thought and you need not ask Him anything. Just one accurate word is enough to get the conversation going. Remember, Body Language plays a HUGE part in Listening. Be very careful about what you are communicating through your Body Language.

Body Language to Introduce Spirit:

What are the Characteristics of Spirit? Certainty, Peace, Transcendental Intellect, Kindness, Wisdom, Lightness, Consciousness and Grace.

Let your Body reflect these through its subtle, sure, and graceful movements. You need to carry your Body with Grace. This way you will make the other Spirit very comfortable and He will feel Exalted and esteemed.

Spoken Word: Your Spoken Word needs to undergo a careful transformation. You need to master the Soft Spoken Word. Your Spoken word Should Carry the Strength of Your Spirit in a way that it shouldn’t be ordinary unawakened Spoken Word. It should be the Spoken Word of The Awakened Spirit. It should have the right combination of Light, Peace, Truth, Loving Kindness, Understanding and Grace.


For now, let’s focus on these 4 aspects of communication. Let’s give a timeline to this project: 13 April 2019, Sri Ram Navmi.

It starts on Durgashtami and ends on Durgashtami. Durga powers my Speech. May she control My Spoken Word.

Buddha’s Peace

Buddha has Peace of Mind. He does not harbor many thoughts and entertains only a few in His Mind. He is very mindful of the content He allows in His Mind. He has a Pure Mind that is not tainted by Aversion, Grasping, Drives, Rage, Doubt, Uncertainty, and Attack.

Plus, He has the Heart of a Bodhisattva. There is Compassion as well as Kindness in His Heart. There is Loving Kindness for everyone and everything. He has Perfected His Heart.

Such a Perfection is possible for Me also. I want a Perfect Mind and a Perfect Heart.

I just need Specific Thoughts in My Mind. All the rest thought garbage of unawakened mind is not needed.

I just need Specific Feelings in My Heart. All the rest wavering emotions have no place in My Heart.

I just need Specific Spoken words. All the rest meaningless words are not needed.

I would love to be known as the Man of Few Words by those who come in contact with Me.

Dipraj 13-09-2019

The Reinterpretation

I have been interacting with so many unawakened Spirits every day that it will be impossible for me to maintain my awakening in the ocean of unawakened ones. The unawakened ones have certain pursuits, certain ways of interacting, certain ways of using their body and mind, and certain views about the world. I need not accept these. And I also need not treat them as other unawakened ones treat them.

This is the first reinterpretation Project: To Connect with The Unawakened Ones As An Awakened One will Connect with Them.

This means the following:

Establishing and Maintaining Relationship as An Awakened Spirit

Do not lose one’s Foundation

Reinterpret every communication in the Light of The Spirit

Accept and strengthen Only the Spirit in the Other

Treat others as the Consciousness of Everything

Dipraj 13-03-2019

Projects at a Glance

ProjectFinishing Time
1. Spoken Word13 April 2019
2. Listening17 April 2019
3. Spirit Through Body Language18 May 2019
4. Reinterpretation of Relationship as A Spirit5 June 2019
5. Perfect Mind9 August 2019
6. Perfect Heart9 August 2019
7. Perfect Vision 9 August 2019

I will be busy with these projects in the next few months. May they be completed.

What do I want from 14 March 2019?

I want to be reconnected to Durga. I want the day to go as scheduled. May this happen.

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