The First Friend

Who Am I?


Shiva at Gondeshwara

I appeared in this world on August 9, 1991. I was the only friend I had. Eventually I made friendship with my Mother, Father, my Cousins, my playmates, my relatives, and my teachers. As I grew up I made friendship with books too. And that lasted quite a long.

I also made friendship with Nature, the sky, the Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Rivers, The Ocean, The Ponds, The Rocks, The Trees, The Flowers, The fruits.

I made friendship with Science too. I was fond of experiments and I performed many myself. I made friendship with philosophy and psychology. I was very argumentative and I would love to see the end of a thought. I enjoyed epiphanies and I loved transcendence when it came to thoughts.

I made friendship with study too. I invented methods of study for myself. I had a very arduous journey about compromising myself when it came to study but somehow I survived.

But everything I took to be mine was shattered to pieces. First was the Heart that suffered a lot, again and again on different levels. Second was the mind that disappeared in the moment of enlightenment. I had to carry those bits and pieces of my own mind to see if it still made sense. When I had the experience of Love in 2012, the whole notion of the World was shattered for me. When I knew My Self and realized My Function, nothing remained the same for me.

Today I have My Self, My Teacher, Consciousness, and all the Spiritual Beings with me. I am not Alone. I want to have friendship with all Beings.

Today on 15 March 2019, after 27 years, 7 months and 7 days since my appearance on this planet, I extend that Friendship to My Self.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been a friend to myself all along otherwise I could not have completed such a tiresome Spiritual Journey. I have suffered a lot and that suffering became bearable because of my friendship with my self.

I am a Spirit now. I have a Spiritual Destiny which I must fulfill. But this is where it transforms from a dictatorial command to a choice of Freedom. I am not doing what I am asked to do because I have to do it. I am under no such obligation. I would rather do it because it is the right thing to do.

I want to be a friend of My Self. I want to see if I can withstand all I am and still not judge it. I want to see if I can be all natural without anything artificial. This way I am changing all the relations I have been carrying all these years to One DEFINITE Relationship: FRIENDSHIP.

The First Friend

I am My First Friend.

I am accepting My Self as A Friend. I will enjoy the Company of Self as A Friend.

There is No Journey without This Friend.

I have a Friend to protect me, to entertain me, to guide me, to share with me and to make me comfortable with My Self. I am now comfortable in His Friendship. In His Friendship, I stay rested. May He Always be with me even unto Eternity.

I am now at Peace. There are no obligations. There are no duties to be performed. There is just a long vacation of friendship now.

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