The Four Short Stories of My Life

These are the four short stories that reveal the deeper meaning of My Life:

1. The Samurai Town

The Town consists of the Jungle, the Market, and the River. Market is the place of Work where the Samurai may get hurt by the Ninjas. If hurt, the samurai cannot enjoy his stay in the River, sleep by the River or Awakening in the Jungle.

2. The Inverted World

I live in a world where there is sky below instead of earth. There is ocean above. People live in clouds and the rain travels from below to the Ocean above. I want to be one with the Ocean but no one has gone there before. I want to merge myself in the raindrops to depart for the Ocean. But the loved ones in the sky request me not to leave them.

3. The Reflecting Pond

I am sitting beside a pond. When it is still, I am able to see myself clearly. However, when it is disturbed it shows me deformed images of myself. When the water is agitated, it shows me a distorted version of myself. So, I sit beside the pond, meditate while it is calmed, and see myself reflected clearly in serenity.

4. Invisibility Connections

The visible is like a race on a track. The Invisible is like the voyage in the Ocean. My Life is about Invisibility Connections in the Ocean.

These are the short stories that summarize my life. Whosoever understands them is freed from Limited view.

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