The Goal

What is the goal we are heading to? When you are clear about the goal, it becomes easier to navigate your way through. Herein I will tell you about the goal, and how it came about. At this point, do not worry about how you will achieve the goal. Leave that up to me. I will take you step by step to the goal. We will achieve what must be achieved.

There are many things you are not aware of. You have lost the knowledge of yourself. You do not know why you are in this world. You do not know what your body, mind, heart, thoughts, and emotions stand for. Yet somehow you have convinced yourself that these questions do not matter. I do not blame you. It is very difficult to look within. It is very difficult to question everything that stands as an obstacle to knowledge. It is difficult to investigate oneself. I do not blame you for your ignorance. I do not blame you for what you have done with yourself. I am not even blaming you for what you are doing with yourself. I urge you not to blame yourself for these things.

How It All Began

The question “how this universe came into being” is not a recent one. And it is not unanswered also. You know this answer within you but you have forgotten it. When you will reach Spirit you will know everything. But if it has to be put in words, it goes like this:

“Before the Beginning, there was only Being. There was no space, no time, no Universe.There was nothing else apart from being. There was no one to know this Being. The Being had nothing to do.This Being was Pure love.

Before I tell you what happened next, I want you to understand something. This Being is known by the word “God” in your world. Yet “God” is nothing like what you perceive him to be. To reach God you will need to overcome this world. Yet I am using the word God hereafter because it very accurately describes the Subject-Object relationship in this world. If you understand this relationship as it is described for God, you will easily relate this to your own reality.

What was true before the Beginning is still true after the Beginning. What is still true?

  1. That there is nothing else apart from God.
  2. God has nothing to do.
  3. God is Pure Love.

You do not know this to be true because you do not know yourself and you are deluded by the world you think you are living in. Do not worry. You will know yourself. And you will overcome the world.

So this Being thought that it wanted to be Many. It wanted to do. And it wanted to share itself. With this thought, the existence came into Being to fulfill these wishes.First of all, forms appeared. These were the extensions of the Being. Like the Being is called by the word “God” in this world, forms are referred by the word “Spirit”. You are Spirit, literally the child of God. It is the function of the Spirits to Be, to Do and to Love. However, there were some Spirits who chose not to follow this purpose. This created a conflict of Will as these Spirits did not share the will of God. In doing so, these Spirits lost the knowledge of their true Being. As a result of this conflicting Will, temporary and illusory worlds were created to honor the Will of these Spirits. These were temporary and illusory because they were created without the Union with God. As Spirits experienced the effects of their own Will, they became increasingly distant to their true identity. This world you are living in is one such temporary world which you experience because you have lost your knowledge of your true Being.

Our One Goal is to reach the knowledge of your Self so that you can fulfill your function.


How will this be achieved? What is needed? This is not your concern. I told you I will help you make sense of everything. You will KNOW EVERYTHING because you deserve to know everything. Just remember the Goal. We are soon going to reach there.

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