The Journey Comes Full Circle

The First Journey

It began on August 9, 1991. Before I opened my eyes, I had but one thought: This is Unreal. The moment I opened my eyes I knew this was going to be a long journey. What did I have back then? A body of a child, a place for feelings, senses, and unconsciousness. There were no conscious thoughts.  I could feel things. There are many memories of my childhood which I can feel even now. It’s as if these last 21 years didn’t happen at all. I had this innocent connection with the body. But I knew soon it would be overshadowed by unconsciousness.

So I split my mind into two: One to live in this material world, and the other to progress in my Spiritual journey. This split helped me with so many things. I could now meditate anywhere I want. I could now mirror my emotions and thoughts back into my Heart and my mind so that I could reflect upon them. This was the only ability I had in my Spiritual journey at that time.

If there was one quality I have consistently used throughout my Earthly life so far, it is Sincerity. I have been very sincere in my material life as well as Spiritual life. This quality has helped me in the material world as it gave me the protection of truth and innocence. In Spiritual life, it connected me to my Teacher, my study of scriptures and it opened up my Heart to the sorrows of the world and the yearning of my soul for liberation. The split wasn’t depressing until 2005. After 2005, I decided to pursue the goal of escaping this world as I was not making any Spiritual progress. I had a fantastic journey up to 2007. With great hard work, I achieved what I wanted to achieve. I was all set to move toward my goal of becoming an aerospace engineer, design a spacecraft for myself and leave this world. I came to Mumbai to realize my dream and this where it all shattered.

Here I met with depression. It was a troubled time for me, my confidence was lowered. My faith in God shattered and my body didn’t feel like itself. This was the time I yearned for release from this hell. And His kindness poured like rain. Even though I had a total failure in my material life, these two years enriched me beyond measure. This was the time when I witnessed God in human form. And she stayed with me, never left side in those two years. I experienced the kindness of friends. Some of the very heartwarming memories and experiences of those two years are etched in my Heart. Even the seemingly material things were connected to my Heart. This didn’t lessen my material suffering but it didn’t let me lose either.

This was also the time when my mind started thinking in English. It happened in a flash of a moment. One moment I was thinking in Marathi and Bamm! Next moment onwards my mind started thinking in English. And it stayed like this throughout the two years. I read all the principal Upanishads, Books on Consciousness, thinking, success, Mystics and enlightened beings in the past and Present. This was the time when I was introduced to Mindfulness, Awareness, and Detachment. The two texts that gathered my interest were; the BhagvadGita and A Course in Miracles.

On 22 February 2009, I experienced enlightenment. I cannot describe the experience. What did it do for me? It made me realize that Mind exists beyond the body and it is present everywhere in the Universe. I could now clearly distinguish myself from Mind,  Body, Senses, thoughts, feelings, and drives. This was the experience of Being. It changed my life forever. For who can really believe in the dream when one has experienced the awakening? That year, I dropped my material goal of leaving this world. I didn’t know what to do next, so I started studying the two texts I knew would help me in my Spiritual journey.

Herein ended my first journey; the journey to identity. I knew the moment of enlightenment was only the start of my Spiritual journey and the real road was right ahead of me. 

The Second Journey

The Second Journey started in 2009 and ended on 22 December 2018. What was this journey about?

There were many things I realized during this journey.

The first was the realization of Love as the founding principle of all worlds. This happened in 2012. It was so immense that my Body could not bear it. I was hospitalized and heavily drugged. The next six months were like haze for me. There was no explanation in the material world to explain what happened to me in that period of realization. I was so dazed by the drugs that I started believing that something was seriously wrong with me. After all, I had an out-of-body experience and now I was back in my body. Nothing felt like real. So, out of frustration, I accepted the diagnosis of my doctor, labeled myself as having bipolar disorder and told my family to treat me like one.

It wasn’t a sad story after that. I learned how to use my conscious mind. I started taking initiative, listening to my heart and being creative again. Peace was the subject of my Spiritual pursuit now. I delved deeper into Bhagavad Gita, A Course in Miracles, and Ashtavakra Gita.  Did I have significant experiences regarding them? No, but this practice of reflection on these texts helped me later. I actualized Love in my material life, connected it to the appreciation of Beauty and inspiration. I wrote many poems during this time. 

On 28 December 2016, I experienced NirvanaParama, the Peace available after Moksha. How was that experience? Extremely soothing. There was nothing as quiet as it. Once I experienced that Peace I became even more sincere about Bhagvad Gita. I now had faith in it. I kept on studying it.

On July 2017, I went for 10-day Vipassana retreat at Kutch. There I realized that I was already doing this type of meditation through my whole life. The only difference was that they were applying it to Body and I had been applying it to my mind. After this realization, I quickly transcended the course and started meditating upon the Higher Consciousness. My body became light, full of joy, and increasingly sparkling. My mind became alert, at ease and without the thought garbage. I uncovered much of my hidden wisdom during this time. By the 7th day, I had traveled to many dimensions. I asked Life to absorb me. She asked me to stay put for a while. This period inspired 5 works from me. I would bring them to this world later in my life.

Once I returned, I learned cooking in a flash, just as I learned to think in English in a moment of inspiration. I started cooking my own food. I knew the right combinations that would be easily digested in my body. My body became lighter and lighter. My mind became very sensitive and extremely intolerant of ignorance and unconsciousness.

I had several moments when my family couldn’t understand what I was saying and I was considered as rude, angry and disrespectful. I could no longer contain the energy in my body. I started walking for 9-12 kilometers early in the morning, climbing the hills surrounding my town, and exercising in Nature. I established the connection of my Body with the Universe. The difference between my Mind and my body was no more. My Body became a vehicle of Higher Consciousness and mind was silenced of all thought garbage. This was an extremely joyous time for me as I felt connected to the Earth. I let Qi Gong and Tai Chi came out of me.

On 7 August 2017, I reached the Pinnacle of Body Consciousness. My senses merged with the 5 Elements. I became one with the Sky, the Sun became an irritating, little, and useless device of time tracking, I could see clearly through water, I became extremely sensitive to sound and the body of an unconscious being called Dipraj was no more there. The Body reached the consciousness fit for Spirit. I wandered for miles and miles, climbed several hills, and in my procession I found everything to be connected to my Body. Nothing could hurt me anymore as I was the living substance in everything. Smell, sound, touch, Light, and taste all emanated from me.

As I was enjoying this phenomenon in my Body, My mind raced forward and planned my Spiritual Journey ahead. It released time from its shackles. We accelerated the time of this Universe, changed destinies, and carried out a lot of work. All this while my Teacher was with me. Once the Mind reached its peak, the body could not maintain itself. In its daze, it traveled naked through the neighboring town. The people there returned it to its relatives. I was again hospitalized. This time, however, I was fully conscious of what was happening to me. I controlled my energy and by my own volition pacified it to such a peace that they had to release me in just two days; right on my 26th Birthday – 9 August 2017.

What did this Spiritual experience gave me? It gave me the ability to manipulate time. I could now accelerate, decelerate, and skip time at my will. Also, I now knew that it was possible to reach to Higher Consciousness through Body. I now understood how senses could connect to the Body of the Universe and thus overcome the limitation set by the human body.

Well, once again I had no material explanation for what happened to me. And I had no idea if I had any future with my Spirituality. The coming and passing of these Spiritual experiences kept me in a daze. I again became fearful about my destiny in the world, considered my experiences to be unreal and just a part of mania. I decided to believe in my doctor’s interpretation that there was something wrong in my brain.

I began focusing on my material journey and decided to pursue a career in banking. This material journey brought me a lot of stress. It ended once my family released me from the stress of survival. Once I became comforted about my own survival and was allowed to pursue what I loved to do, I became relaxed. I did nothing for a few months. Eventually, the Spiritual Knowledge returned to me. I realized Ashtavakra Gita, Bhagvad Gita and A Course In Miracles. I now knew perfectly well the validity of these texts and the knowledge they set forth. I could now teach it to anyone I wish.

I decided to end my Spiritual quest on 22 December 2018 and become a Jivanmukta. I offered this decision to my Teacher and he taught me the last few remaining lessons through his Grace. I would no longer need him to gain Knowledge. Thus ended the Second journey that taught me about the Reality of Love, Peace, Self-Knowledge, and Higher Consciousness.

The Third Journey

After I became Jivanmukta, my Spiritual journey accelerated like never before. Within days, I realized the truth expounded by Vedas, Vedanta, Krishna, Brahma, Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, and Shakti. I also realized my Spirit, my true Being, my relation to my Creator and my Role in Eternity. I now had the knowledge that wasn’t revealed to humanity ever since this world started. Did I choose to be who I am? I couldn’t. If I did, this whole world would be destroyed in an instant. I had already destroyed the observable universe in 2012. So, instead of leaving this body, I decided to reinterpret everything in this world and complete my Earthly destiny.

On 14 February 2019, I decided to pursue my third journey. What is this journey about? It is about the actualization of Friendship. At the time of writing this post, One-third of my Earthly Life is already over. In the rest two-thirds of it, I will actualize my Gifts to the World.

How can I bring Peace to the World?

By bringing Peace to all the dimensions I know.

How can I raise the world to Higher Consciousness?

By bringing my Body and Mind to the Higher Consciousness.

How can I remove all the obstacles to Knowledge for everyone?

By removing all those obstacles from all the levels of my Earthly Being.

I cannot be who I am in this World. I am Spirit. I have no Body. And this World is impossible without Body. Therefore, we two are forever irreconcilable.
Yet, I can be what this world needs: A source of unshakable Knowledge. A human being with Perfect Peace, A Body connected to Higher Consciousness. A Friend to everyone and everything in this World.

This is my third and only remaining journey in this World. I am starting afresh. I will start with the unconsciousness of mind, body, and heart. I will gradually transform them into the Higher Consciousness of Mind, Body, and Heart. I will realize my Soul and I will realize the Friendship of The Spirit.

All this will require patience, meticulous work, and unfaltering persistence. I am at complete odds with most of the things this world represents. I cannot teach you by preaching to you what is true. All I can offer is the experience of these truths that I know so that you will know them in your own Being. 

Is this an impossible journey? I know it is not.

Is this the journey to my own death? I know it is the journey to Life for Everyone.

Will I succeed? I know I will. I have never failed to achieve what my Heart set to achieve.

On this 22 February 2019, I will have completed 10 years of Earthly Life after my enlightenment. I have tired my body and my mind in this rollercoaster ride. I will need to rejuvenate them before I can work with them.

At the beginning of my Earthly Life, I was connected to my Body. Then I started my journey on the plane of mind and heart. I am again starting on the plane of body, mind, and heart now.

The Journey comes a full circle.

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