The Miracle of Effortlessness

Today is 30 March 2019. My Teacher asked me the second question,”Do you want to choose effort or effortlessness?”

I was stumped. In an instant I realized how hard it is to be unconscious. It is hard to sleep. It takes a lot of effort to be under strain every moment. It is a hell lot of effort not to be mindful about what one thinks, wishes, feels and speaks.

It is easier to be awake. Consciousness is easy and far more fulfilling. Karmas are difficult because they involve effort and bondage to Karma. I know how not to be bonded to Karma. So Karma becomes effortless for me.


I have Laghu Prana to keep me awake in an instant. My Mind is ready for Effortlessness having understood the futility of effort.

I am excited for Effortlessness.

My senses of Vision, Listening, and Smell have returned.

I can SEE GOD.



Gradually, through the Grace of My Guru, I will return Complete Consciousness to Body.

There are two things about Effortlessness that I realized. These are about the Spoken Word and the Past.

The Spoken Word

Right now, the Spoken Word is the impenetrable safety where you can keep yourself Safe. Be very careful with the words.

Thankfully, it is not words alone that hold significance. Facial Expression, Body Language, Meaning, Intention, and Communication matter.

You can be effortless about the Spoken Word if you understand the Balance between Truth and Propriety. Kindness is inherent in you. You need to let go of the Spontaneity of your word in exchange for the security it can provide for your Spiritual journey. Let its secrets not be revealed through your Spoken Word. May you understand how your tongue protects you. May you take refuge in your tongue. May you not waste it. May you realize this lesson before 17th April 2019 (Mahavir Jayanti)

Dipraj on Spoken Word

The Past

You can use Past to make sense of everything that happened in the past. But would such effort be really needed?

No one understands his past, let alone his Present. It is also the Present which can be more helpful to anyone at any point of time.

Thus, stop attributing past to Beings that come in contact with you. Connect them in the moment. Communicate them in the moment.

This Communication in the Present is the Next Thing for You to Develop. Let’s allot a time of 11 December 2019 (Sri Datta Jayanti) for this.


So we learned three things today:

  1. The Effortlessness of Awakening
  2. The Security of the Spoken Word
  3. Letting go of Past and Communicating in the Present

May I be effortlessly awake! May this happen for all the Time.

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