The Miracle of Inclusiveness

Though I explain this miracle in terms of Body only, it has brought great relief to me in terms of Philosophy. It has also extended protection for me.

The Prelude

Yesterday, I was unhappy with the unconsciousness of the Body. I wanted to be completely conscious in Body. I was totally against unconscious sleep. I thought an awakened being doesn’t deserve this kind of sleep.

But I did have this kind of sleep and a very long one in that. I was frustrated with what happened. But My Teacher soon inspired the following in me.

I can be totally conscious in Body. But for that, I don’t need to oppose anything. I can accept it and slowly transcend it. I need acceptance for this and not rejection. By experimentation and application, I will surely figure out what works out for me. But this is not a journey of Judgment. This has to be a journey of Gratitude and Acceptance. I don’t need to oppose the unconsciousness of the Body but to slowly transcend it. I know this is possible but it doesn’t have to be possible today. I will phase it out in time. I will complete the Complete Consciousness of Body Before the Start of Poshak.

The Essence

I don’t have to oppose anything outright. I have complete freedom for my decision. I can choose not to accept a particular thing but I don’t have to convey this to the other. My decisions can be limited to My Self. No one has to be informed about My Decisions.

This is especially true about the Spoken Word. A word that goes without influence or appreciation seems wasted indeed. Sure, I can bring comfort by my spoken words. But I feel that is an inferior use of it. I believe the Spoken Word can be much more powerful. I can give all my Power to it, if I protect it carefully.

The Spoken Word is like a Diamond. A Diamond is impeccable. Not everyone can afford to have it. It is very difficult to cut into pieces. And it is flaunted unashamedly to others. May My Spoken Word Be like this. Rare, Sharp, and impeccable as a Diamond.

Dipraj on the Spoken Word

The Conclusion

I don’t have to oppose anything immediately. I can sort out anything in time. This is my strength. In terms of Listening, I can listen patiently even if what the other says is not in accordance with me. I can apply patience there and see if things work out in time. I shouldn’t expect of others. They are not able to fulfill their own expectations. Why should I burden them with mine?

Be Patient with others. They are worthy of patience. Do not expect they will act in a certain way. They have the freedom to act in any way they want. If you keep expecting a certain action or a certain way of action, then you will only experience disappointment. And this will arouse conflict in you. For you have tried to apply Your Will where it couldn’t be applied. You cannot apply Your Will to Others. This you must remember Well. If you understand this lesson, it will free you from a burdensome bondage.

Inclusiveness does not mean to decide for the other. It Only means to allow them who they are, what they do and what they think. Because none of this is going to affect Who you are, What you do, and What you think. Your Spoken Word Protects this inner shield. No one dictates your inner world unless you foolishly think that you can indeed share your inner world with them. Remember, you are alone when it comes to the inner world. You cannot share it through your Spoken word. This is the only condition it has and you must protect it. May you decide for this protection. You can share your inner world through writing, stories, poetry, quotes, your actions and your projects.

May you protect your inner World through the Spoken Word. Let’s experiment with the Inner World and the Protection of the Spoken Word. Let this Project run till 13 April 2019 (Sri Ram Navami).

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