The Miracle of Presence

Two Miracles I witnessed in the morning:

  1. I was walking to bus stop. I looked at my watch, it was 8.12. I thought I was going to be late. I decided let’s see how much time it takes to reach the bus stop. I had hardly taken one step after this thought occurred to me that my Brother appeared before me with his bike. He asked me if he could offer me a ride to bus stop. I said yes. During the journey he complemented me on the fragrance coming out of my body and asked me which soap I used. It was a delightful ride. I reached bus stop at 8.15. I got a seat and it was a relaxing journey.
  2. Today, the Rickshawwala said Good Day to me on his own.


Today, God gifted me Presence.

Presence is Consciousness devoid of Past, Present and Future.

Yesterday, Prakriti assured me that no one would come to me acting out of his past.

Presence is a gift that transcends Time, Conditioning and Prejudices.

Releasing Knowledge from Past

I can release Knowledge from Past now. This way it becomes way too light. There is no heaviness in it anymore.It is easy to comprehend and doesn’t take much memory.

It takes a heavy burden of my Mind. I don’t have to store any knowledge based on Past anymore.

Devotion with The Presence

I can release devotion from the Past, Grateful framework of the Heart. Now, Heart is already having the responsibility of hosting thoughts. I don’t want to burden it by placing devotion in it.

Presence is a quick, effective place for devotion. This is devotion to a whole new level. It doesn’t have the elements of Heart though. But it is full of Appreciation, Gratitude, Maturity, Honor and Isness.

May I become steadfast in this type of devotion.

The New World

Whenever God Gifts me anything, it offers me a whole new world. May I find My Home in this whole new world.

3 April to 19 April 2019 (Good Friday) is the Ease Out Period where I will make arrangements to adapt this new Gift.

May I have an awesome time.

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