The Most Natural Way

Today I decided my daily allotment of Time. I scheduled a time for Body, a time for Work, and a time for Heart. Today was the first day and it was good.

While on my return journey I connected to God.

I Am Not Alone

I am not alone in anything. What I observe, God also observes. What I see, God also sees. What I hear, taste, feel, God does also. My imagination is his imagination. My plight is His Plight.

I am not alone in anything. I am never alone. Even in loneliness, His Presence is guaranteed.

The Submission

I had a glimpse of the submission of the Prophet. It was so lofty and full of Love, I thought to go out of my way and submit to God like He did. It would have been a life without an “I”. A peaceful life of unconditional submission.

I also wondered if I would be a Samurai at Work, A fierce Poet at Heart, and Everything Grand. But then He told me we are going the Most Natural Way. There is nothing “worth effort” to be added, there is nothing “worth effort” to be removed. Let that which needs to be added, be added effortlessly. Let that which needs to be removed, be removed effortlessly. We are going the most natural way.

The Most Natural Way

Everyday on a very minute and a very gross scale, I know what is natural and what is not. Now these can be the tiniest of things or the biggest of things.

The key is to let these be replaced without effort in the most natural way.

We are not going to have a life like Buddha did.

We will not have a life like Prophet.

Jesus is nowhere near to be an idol.

But we will enjoy everything they had.

My life is like Tao. It must flow naturally. This naturalness is its beauty and this beauty is in my Heart waiting to be expressed.

So now, instead of a Samurai, Prophet, Buddha, I have a better model for my Life: The Most Natural Way

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