The Only Language

There is only One Language that is wholly worthy of the Spirit; it is the Language of Consciousness.

This is the only language that is compatible with all symbols and no symbols.

It doesn’t matter what language you speak on Earth or in any other world, You will naturally understand the language of Consciousness because it is the inheritance of the Spirit. This language brings instant Peace, welcomes Love, has the perfect surety and does not involve miscommunication of any kind.

The Limitation of All The Languages in This World

There is no language in this world that does not have symbols. It doesn’t matter if these symbols are written, spoken, based on gestures, or an event. Basically, every language uses something to convey something else. This basic flaw in all languages limits its application when it comes to Spirit.

Spirit is reality. There is no symbol for it. There is a lot of Hidden Knowledge contained in the Spiritual traditions of the world. It is highly symbolized and those who understood their meaning are no longer here. Thus, Spiritual knowledge is inaccessible.

How would you think a thought for which there is no vocabulary in the language you are using? This is impossible unless you have a language that doesn’t need a vocabulary at all. English or Marathi are fine for Worldly interactions but for my Spiritual Growth these are useless.

From now on I would use the language of Consciousness for my Spiritual Well Being.

The Use of Human Language

I would make minimum use of human language when it comes to the spoken Word. This is one of the goals of Mastery which we have set for Sri Ram Navmi. We will use microSankapas for this.

As for as Meaning is concerned, I will impart Meaning to every Word that I come across, irrespective of the Language. This way I translate Symbol into reality.

As far as the written word is concerned, I will make ample use of it when I write on this site.

The Benefits of Language of Consciousness

  • First, Body easily understands this language
  • There is no sickness or illness that cannot be cured by the use of this language
  • This language transcends whatever it comes in contact with
  • Instant Peace is possible with this language
  • Since this is a language of love it is without judgment
  • There is no ambiguity in this language. Each message is perfectly clear.
  • This language does not cause harm to anyone.

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