The Perfect Walk

Today was our first attempt to bring Buddha’s Peace to Body.

This is how it went.

There were a few moments during my journey to work that I felt I could have a more peaceful posture. I tried that for a while. Though it didn’t last long, it gave me an idea that this is indeed possible.

Then at workplace I had an argument with a colleague who told me that I don’t look beautiful without glasses. This reply gave me an insight: What good is a Vision if you don’t look beautiful because of it?

Vision Goal Update: A Vision with the whole Health of Body that makes you look Beautiful.

The thing about vision is that I can clearly see what is close to me and I am grateful for that clarity. But this changes with distance and lighting, distance being the major factor. Since Vision is related to whole of Mind and Body, until these two are in perfect Health I cannot have the Perfect Vision that will make me look beautiful. So let’s have that Perfect Health for My Mind and Body as soon as possible.

Dipraj, 19 March 2019, 7.53PM

I tried postures a few times. There is a powerful grace in the postures. They can instantly calm down the Mind. Now that I think about it, I can add the Mantra “Shiva” to it so that it would have the power of a transcendental consciousness. Yes, I can do it. Let me keep this in Mind. We can absolutely combine Buddha with Shiva. Shiva reminds me of my power and my consciousness while Buddha reminds me of the perfection that can be had with the Mind. I will need both for my need transcends both of them.

That’s about postures.

Let’s talk about walking.

I remembered of bringing Buddha’s Peace to Body and I decided to try it while I walk. It was a short walk but well worth it. While I walked, I paid careful attention to my hand movements. I didn’t want to be in hurry. Why would a guy walk in a hurry if he has eternity on his side? This thought slowed me down a bit. I had occasional moments of perfect stride (or so I thought) but I realized there was a lot work to do on my walking.

In the second session that I walked, I thought about the placement of my foot one after the other. I became more mindful as each step touched the earth.

I wondered, ” Would my walking bring Peace to the Earth?”

This made me aware of the tremendous responsibility I had when I walked on this Earth.

I want Earth to be Happy when I walk. I want all Beings to rejoice, to feel peaceful, and sure when they see me walk. May my walking benefit all Beings.

Project Walk-for-Peace

Every day after Mahashivratri, I started early morning walk. After that week was over and I didn’t need to maintain that consciousness, I gave up walking and Yoga as I wanted to invest more time in sleep instead of these energy-consuming activities. Basically, I didn’t have the motive to do these things. Now I have two.

Before going to walk, I can meditate on the consciousness of Shiva. I can please Him through Hatha Yoga. I can also bring the Worship of Shakti to Hatha Yoga to make it more powerful. This routine I can complete between 5 to 5.45 every morning.

Dipraj, on Tuesday, 19 March 2019

There is a way to please the Shakti in the Body. Once she is released from her bondage and revered for what she is and what she does, then reaching to Shiva is easy. Shakti can help your Body to establish Shiva in it. So we require the worship of Shakti. I will elaborate on the worship of Shakti someday. For now, let’s understand that this is what is needed in the morning meditation. This we will perfect in next 30 Days, which happens to be Good Friday and Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman is well known for His extraordinary physical powers. While we don’t need physical powers like Hanuman, I do need to reawaken Shakti in my Body and appreciate Her through my Body.

The Worship of Shakti is an eternal project, I will perfect it in my Body as long as I have it. I like the Worship of Shakti because she reminds me of Rudrani. Plus, Shiva and Shakti are marvelous together. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in their Home?

Now for the Walk-for-Peace:

This isn’t brisk walking. We are not walking to increase our Heart rate. We are walking (this is an exercise in Mindfulness) so that we can carry Grace, Gratitude, and Gentleness through our steps.

We want to touch Earth in Peace and Gratitude. We want to be One with Her when we walk. Our feet should not follow each other out of a drive. But they should come after another in Harmony only to actualize Perfect Peace.

Walking is Peace in movement. There should be liveliness in our walking. There is no hurry whatsoever in the placement of foot, the leaving of the foot, the stride, the coming of another and touching the ground… In the entire cycle there is infinite patience because there is infinite understanding. This way we will Perfect Walking.

May it Happen!


The Reduction of Thoughts

We are reducing the content of thoughts in our minds. We do not need so many useless thoughts. Most of it is a thought garbage that isn’t worthy of us. There are millions of thoughts every day in an unconscious mind. An unconscious mind is harmful to everyone. Plus, what would I do of so many thoughts when I have seen the end of thoughts?

We will Reduce Thoughts to One, Two, Three and Eight.

These are the only number of thoughts we will have and these will be Very Specific thoughts.

Let’s start with the ONE THOUGHT that is ever needed:


This ONE THOUGHT when fully understood and fully meant will destroy all sorrow, suffering, and bring you unshakable certainty.


We Need to Perfect our Walk

We Need to Worship Shakti and Shiva

We NEED TO Keep in Mind ONE THOUGHT Always:


Dipraj, 19 MArch 2019

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