The REinterpretation of The World

The REinterpretation of The World


This is the first Spiritual Principle. You ARE. Everybody IS. Everything IS. Accept this for Everyone and Everything without exception and you will have Peace. Do not deny isness to anyone or anything or you will forget yours.


There is an Isness in everybody. It will not vanish by what they do. This Isness is the essence of Everybody’s existence. Everyone and Everything on this planet exist in this Isness.

This principle is so strong that it will immediately solve all grief, sorrow, anxiety, prejudice and burden.

To accept someone’s Isness is to honor Him for what He Is. You don’t have to know what He Is in order to honor him. Just realize HE IS and you have honored him.

Let your Speech begin with the Affirmation of ISNESS.

The Struggle To Be

Everyone in this World is struggling to Be better than they are. This is everybody’s struggle in every moment of life. This is your unique opportunity to recognize this change in others and appreciate the effort they are putting in.

There is no escape from this struggle to BE since this world isn’t perfect. Even the awakened Ones also have to perfect themselves in this world. This is the ongoing Work of Everyone and Everyone is engaged in it every moment. If you but appreciate this effort and its result, then you would do great service to everyone.


Do is a special territory which one guards with all his might. Do is the second Spiritual principle. Everybody DOES. By Doing Everybody LIVES.

Do not criticize other’s doing. Let him reap the fruits of his doing. You should focus on your doing and constantly strive to be better at it. This world is a gentle place where everybody is trying to perfect his Being and live by His Doing.

With this reinterpretation, you let go of the cruel belief that nobody in this world knows Himself and there is imperfection in every doing.

Let’s say that Everybody Knows Himself and imperfections in doing do not matter.


Everybody wants Peace. Everything needs Peace. If you can offer Peace to the other then it can be a great service to Life. There are so many ways by which you can offer Peace. Do not limit your Self in this.

Let Peace Be Your Only Goal In Your Interaction with Everyone and Everything. This way you will bring everyone close to awakening. Instant Peace the Only Miracle You need to Perfect.

How can I bring Peace?

  • By My Spoken Word
  • By My Body Language
  • By My Actions
  • By My Reactions
  • By Appreciation
  • By My Awareness
  • By My Work
  • By My Meditation


Everybody deserves Joy. But when you demand you lose joy. Joy can never be found by demanding. You need to let go.

Let’s understand that everyone in this world is entitled to Joy. But Joy is not the only goal there is. If it were, then Joy would not be a fleeting thing as it is today. The thing is that the nature of this World is suffering. Joy may temporarily let you forget this fact.

How is permanent joy possible then?

It is possible through your Friendship.

You are awakened. You know Spiritual Principles. You know the real world. You know the way out of this world. You can bring Peace to others. You can appreciate other’s Isness. The friendship you offer others can end their suffering. The Complete End of Suffering is Joy. Let this be the goal of your Life.


You do not need to be affected by the unconsciousness of others. No one can interact with you without Consciousness.

In every interaction, your goal is to appreciate His Being and Offer Him Peace.

Your Work is Your territory. Guard it, Perfect it.

Your Very Long Term Goal, is to offer your Friendship to completely end suffering.

Herein ends the interpretation of this world. Every other interpretation is unnecessary and useless for you. Stick with this and you will never have any problem.

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