The Slow Yet Fast Progress

We have given up the Use of Passion.

We would use Peace instead.

There are bigger things for us to do. Passion would have planned grand, micromanaged everything. But we know this is not reality.

The Peaceful Self knows life changes every moment. It is not a road that can be predicted to a fine degree. It is an ocean with waves. One wave will take you up and the next will drown you. This is not an affair to be handled by those who take life to be a racetrack. They never understand its reality as Ocean.

Why Slow?

The Progress will be Slow for the Following Reasons:

1. Peace as the Driving Factor

We are going to use Peace extensively. It is not like Passion, Spontaneity or Enthusiasm. It can’t produce as fast result. But it immediately resolves error.

There are so many errors to correct. This is a major part of my Life: To Correct Errors.

Only Peace can allow errors to be corrected. This process takes time. This is unavoidable and necessary. My job is to correct as many errors as possible and remove them forever from Life.

2. Depth as an Attribute

I have chosen Depth to be an attribute of my creation.

This means that I cannot allow shallow, unthoughtful, surface-traits to guide my efforts.

This Depth is an important Aspect of Who I am. It will be reflected through my Major Life Decisions, My Literary Works and My Reflections.

We are giving up momentary impulses, spontaneous thoughts, and enthusiastic actions in the favor of depth. These do have quick results but we are no longer going to use them. Depth is slow but penetrating.

3. Kindness, Compassion, Metta, and Social Investment

My this phase of Life is all about Social Connections. I will be meeting with people, connecting with them, and forming strong associations.

I will be investing heavily in People.

This investment will take time.

Perhaps, I will not see instant results. I will need to wait for long. I will need to be very patient. But these efforts are sure to bring fruits over 2047. This is the era of grooming the sapling of Social Life.

This process needs careful, deep, deliberate efforts. This is the time to cultivate deep relations.

4. Aiming for Long Term instead of Short Term

Starting 2 June 2019, all my decision will be Long Term instead of short term.

Long term Benefits are preferred.

Long term Vision is entertained.

Long Term Associations are cultivated.

Long term requires efforts, patience, consistency, commitment, endurance, and Wisdom.

The short term requires much less efforts, no wisdom, and it has quick results. There is zero commitment and it is quite convenient. We are removing this completely from my life. Short term only gives pseudo Happiness.

5. A Long Life

I am preparing my Self for a Long Life. We are not going to have a short life.

This means many decisions I will take will have to weighed against wisdom, maturity, and long term vision instead of spur of the moment, impulses and short term gain.

There are many things of which I have no use precisely because I am going to live long.

This means things will take time.

Why Fast?

1. Transcendence

Transcendence is the tool of my Mind whereby I can accelerate, manipulate Time and Space to make multiple things happen, speed up all affairs and save months of time.

This is an indispensable tool for Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit. Body is too limited to have any use of it. Transcendence is one characteristic power I have and I will never abandon it.

2. The Two Time Travelers

There are Two Time Travelers by My Side. They know all the ways to travel through. With them, I can skip all the unnecessary journeys.

They will always be there to help me out through every phase of My Life. They will prepare the circumstances for me. They will decide which people I would encounter with. They will show unexplored opportunities.

They are also the ones I can go for rest and rejuvenation. This will save me from exhaustion and frustration in My Journey.

Their guidance will remove unnecessary slowing down in Time.

3. Social Intelligence

In this phase of Life, we will extensively use Social Intelligence.

This is the one thing that we will vehemently cultivate, practice, use and implement.

Things happen fast through People.

People take efforts, live Life, feel things, express emotions, share ideas, face challenges, find solutions, make friendships and associations, help each other out and long for happiness.

A single Mind is limited.

I have to achieve things THROUGH People. This will have Lasting Impact than that which can be achieved by any other way. Enrichment is FOR People.

Social Intelligence will have as much impact in Time-shortening as the Two Time Travelers. So this aspect is never to be neglected.

Who is your guide in Social Intelligence?

Your Own Mind and Heart. Develop them consistently.

4. Wisdom

This is the necklace of Human intelligence over last few thousand years.

Wisdom is a shield that can protect against all injury.

Wisdom saves time, directs the course of the ship, and is extremely pleasant for the soul, mind and Heart.

Wisdom will help me progress through all these years quickly.

Let me dedicate half an hour of My day for Wisdom.

5. Vision

Vision is able to See.

Seeing can illuminate.

Vision will make so many things easier to me.

My Vision will help in my decisions.

Vision is really the Eye of My Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

I will lead My Life with Vision.

Vision will remove unnecessary waiting in darkness and unveil Light.

The Speed Factors

The above mentioned ones are my 10 Speed Factors. I will utilize them thoroughly throughout 2047. They are the exclusive experiment till the end of December 2019. By that time, we will have a better vehicle ready for them.

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