The Will

Of all my powers, Will will be the most used. Yet, it will not be much apparent in the crowd of Peace, effortlessness, Metta, Wisdom, Creativity, Imagination, and Love.

I will never stop using this power. I have realized that the goal of My Life is inevitably tied to this.

Though I will bring Happiness to many, Happiness will never be My Personal goal. My goal is Peace which a very few will be able to appreciate.

My Life’s work is incomplete without Will.

Of Will I can do many things, as I have Knowledge.

Of Will, I can control my destiny, my passage through Time and Space, and interactions with others. I can shape lives as I go by utilizing Will.

Glorious is the way of the Will.

My sorrows have melted, my inhibitions burnt, my longings cut asunder, my uncertainties removed, my fears disillusioned, my doubts given up.

All because of Will.

There is no wavering whatsoever.

Buddha has determined to LIVE.

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