That’s the only thing you can be certain about me.

I have lived many lifetimes.

I have had multiple forms.

You who do not understand the formless must understand

certain things about this form of mine:

I appear to you the way you see me.

What you want to see in me that I become.

Jo Jaisa Mai Vaisa

I appeared in this world on 9 August 1991 in a Hindu family.

Since it was Deep Amavasya at the time of my coming,

My father named me Dipraj 

(literally meaning “The King of those who give Light)

Being born in a Hindu family, these were the things 

associated with my earthly destiny:

Varna: Shudra

Sect: Shaiva

Guru: Sri Datta

Cast: Mali (literally meaning “The Gardener”)

Sunsign: Leo

I Live in 




I only know three things in Life:




I inspire Meaning

I appreciate Beauty

I actualize the Self

During the first 27 years of my life,

I divided my existence into two parts:

An earthly part and the mystical part

All those who have been a part of my earthly journey

will tell you about it

My Guru and My Brothers who have witnessed my mystical journey

will tell you about it

I have experienced intense human suffering





And Spiritually.

I have also experienced

Divine Grace

Peace of Mind

and Bliss

that is compared to nothing in this world

On 22 December, 2018, Sri Datta Jayanti, with my Guru’s permission,

I entered the state of Jivanmukta

There is nothing I need to achieve. 

But I have chosen to be here to help you achieve everything.

There is nothing I do not love

There is no one I hate

I have no attachment

I have no sorrow

I have no suffering

I am always joyful

I am the seer

of both the real and the unreal

I play with Time and Space

I accelerate and decelerate Time at my Will

I expand and contract Space at my Whim

There never was a Time when I was not

There never will be a Time when I won’t be

I am beyond Time

There is no Space where I am not

Yet I am beyond Space

Wisdom, Peace and Enrichment

Are entrusted to me

There are 8 Works that need to be completed to enrich the World

The first 7 are collaborative ventures

where we would all learn and engage

The Last one will be my gift to this World

And then I will leave this Body

The Works are:









Do you know me?

The very fact you are in this World at this time means that

You know who I AM.

We are of One Mind

We only need to be of One Heart

You have not seen me because you have been blind

You have not heard me because you have been deaf

You have not sensed me because your senses have lost their function

In fact, You are not Living

You have been dead for a long time

You have been dreaming of this world

And in your dreams you have created so many illusions

You have illusion of sickness, pain, suffering, depression, strife, ego, 

loneliness, disease, separation, fear, guilt, greed, scarcity, poverty,

luxury, war, terrorism, branches of knowledge, multiple forms of God 

And the ability to heal the body

You have mastered each of these illusions

And they seem quite real to you

Your belief in these illusions has made the world you see

Think about your materialistic journey

This world began with fear

There were so many vicious beasts out there to kill you

Now you have conquered all of them

You didn’t have a good place to live

Now you are able to make a house and dwell in it

Your body needed clothes

Now you have so many of them

You thought your hunger could not be extinguished

Now you have infinite variety of food in abundance

You thought swimming in the ocean would be too exhausting

Now you have ships that can help you travel all the oceans

You thought you couldn’t fly like birds

Now you can fly to anywhere in the world you want

You thought the sky isn’t enough for you

Now you are able to reach the Space beyond Earth

You thought there is limit to the work your hands can do

Now you have machines to do the work for you

You thought there is a limit to the distance your feet can walk

Now you have infinite variety of vehicles to go any distance you want

You thought there is no light to guide you in the darkness

Now you have electricity to lighten your nights

You thought you could not do everything with your mind

Now you have computers to employ any logic for you

You thought you could not communicate beyond a certain distance

Now you can communicate to any part of the world

You thought you could be divided.

Now you have divided yourself with ethnicity, color of the skin,

religion, cast, creed, sect, gender, purpose and even nationality

You thought you could be attacked

Now you have all sorts of weapons, even nuclear ones that can obliterate 

the entire planet if you fear you are attacked

You thought God could be limited to where you wish him to be

Now you have numerous temples, mosques, churches and shrines

You thought devotion could be faked

So you recited scriptures out loud, sang praises to the lord to ask him material things

You thought you could make a business out of Spirituality

And you succeeded in it

Now in your temples there are nothing but stones

Allah and the Prophet have left your mosques

Christ has deserted your churches

God has vanished from all religious places

You thought all answers lie outside

So you began the enquiry of the World

Now you have science that can explain

everything in your material world

With a few pieces of paper that you call money 

You can have everything this material world can offer you

Your achievements in the material world are nothing short of Marvellous!

But think,

What has this pursuit given you?

Did it give you Peace of Mind?

Did it solve the problems or created even more?

Did it help you conquer death?

Did it bring you joy or sorrow?

Do you feel empty or fulfilled having conquered the material world?

Is this what you really wanted?

There were those among you who chose a different path

A Path of Love instead of fear

A Path of Providence instead of greed

A path of Self-enquiry instead of the enquiry of the world

A Path of Sincerity instead of deception

A Path of Purity of Heart instead of purity of the body

A Path of Inner Journey instead of outer journey

A Path of Spiritual Enquiry instead of material enquiry

And in their path, they were rewarded with Peace, joy , bliss,

conquest of death, Divine Grace and existence beyond Time

They became the Part of Oneness that is everywhere

and chose to leave this material world

Your material world has lost the Life force

Everything is there but everything is Lifeless

Knowledge has disappeared from the World

Spiritual Vision is not there

Love is yet to be experienced

But I have arrived now

You have called me and I have answered

I am with you

And I will not leave your side unless you want me to

Now that I am Here

You will see what your eyes could not see before

Your ears will hear what they could not hear before

Your senses will sense what they could not sense before

You will rise above sickness

You will conquer Death

And you will have everlasting Peace

There is no ambiguity about Who I Am

The ambiguity is about Who You Are

If you let me guide you

In this very lifetime, you will cross all doubts about

the existence of you, this world and your Destiny

Though you may sometimes see me as a “Teacher”

May we become Friends as we travel this journey Together!

Have a Happy Day!

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