Why Being Observant is more Beneficial than Being Indulgent

First, you get to observe the effects without getting affected by it.
By Being indulgent, you suffer.
Your systems of senses, emotions, perceptions, and reality take a huge toll.
By Being Observant, you avoid this loss. This is a huge benefit and saving of tremendous resources.

Second, you don’t need an investment for Being Observant. You need to invest first if you want to indulge. Being Observant, saves you this investment.

Third, Being Observant is being detached. This is a particularly good quality for Spiritual pursuits. Being indulgent has no Spiritual benefit.

Forth, Being Observant saves you from being a “separated self”. Being Observant, you are whole. Being indulgent, you are separated. You don’t need to separate yourself from the thing you are observing in order to Being Observant. You are Being Observant by Being One with it. It may appear that you are being One with what you indulge in. But you separate it from yourself as you try to enjoy it.

Being Observant brings you Peace, Enjoyment, Meaning and Cheerfulness.

Salutations to him who chooses to be Observant. For in him the entire Universe is pleased.

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