Why Reinterpretation is Necessary

This world isn’t made for Spirit. Spirit doesn’t have a body. It isn’t born and it does not die. It is eternal. Its senses are not hosted in a body. It doesn’t have any sickness. It doesn’t need indulgence and it is forever established in its Self-knowledge.

This world is impossible without a body. With it comes, sickness, death, indulgence, perceptions and a sense of a separate self. The body is constantly changing and sure to be destroyed.

We cannot change the world. It is the way it is. But we can surely interpret it. This interpretation will help us navigate it and help us make sense of it.

The Interpretation You already Have

Before you experience the enlightenment (which is the perfect experience of your Being), your world is interpreted by the ego.

Ego is a defense mechanism adopted by your unconscious mind. It interprets the world in its own way. This interpretation is based on the basic assumption of “Separate Self”. This assumption means that you are separated from everything else in the world. Your existence depends on this separation. This is what the Ego strongly believes in and builds your entire life around it.

You have already witnessed in your life that this assumption isn’t true. You are not separate from other beings and certainly not separate from the Universe. If meditated upon this single thought that you are not separate from anyone else and the Universe, you will witness kindness, gratitude, love and oneness flowing through your heart. This thought is the basis of Reinterpretation by Spirit.

What Needs To Be Reinterpreted

Following are the 4 major things that need to be reinterpreted:

1. The Purpose of Body

2. The Purpose of Mind

3. The Purpose of Communication

4. The Purpose of Friendship

Mind sees what it wants to see. You can decide what you want to see and experience. This decision will then direct your thoughts and actions. This will produce feelings which in turn will shape your experience. The reinterpretation will help you in this.

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